Turkey: Export to 163 countries from the leather industry

The leather and leather products sector sent products to 163 countries in the first four months of the year with an export of $690 million.

Guven Karaca, President of Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association (IDDMIB), stated that their sector, which realized $690 million of exports in the four-month period, sent products to 163 countries.

Karaca, who went to Antalya for the 12th Eksposhoes Shoes, Fashion and Saddlery Fair, said that the leather and leather products industry closed last year with $1 billion 730 million of exports.

Stating that the capacity utilization rates, which fell after the epidemic, reached 63% again, Karaca said, “The footwear industry broke a record in exports by exceeding $1 billion last year. The shoe industry was followed by leather apparel, saddlery, finished and semi-finished leather. The figures were very good. In the first quarter of this year, the increase in exports continued. We have $690 million of exports in four months, this is a record. Compared to the same period of the previous year, there was an increase of 28%. Our goal is to exceed $2 billion this year, to diversify the market.”

Guven Karaca emphasized that they are trying to meet the demand of the world by emphasizing value-added exports.

Noting that Turkey is a center of attraction in leather and leather products, Karaca said, “If you are going to buy bags and shoes in the world, you have to look and see it from Turkey.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that they export to 163 countries as a sector, Karaca continued his words as follows:

“We export mostly to the European Union, a market of 43%. The second is the former Eastern Bloc countries, and the third is Africa and other countries. African countries continue their upward trend. There is a market of $210 billion in the world. We are making $1 billion 730 million. Our goal is to expand that. The USA is a market of $30 billion and we export less than 1% here. We have to increase our market share and create new markets in South Korea, European Union and former Eastern Bloc countries.”

OSB will be established for leather and leather products

Pointing out that the world’s eyes are on Turkey in terms of the leather industry, Karaca said that they are planning the organized industrial zone (OSB) project to meet the demand.

Noting that talks with ministries are continuing for “carbon neutral OIZ”, Karaca said:

“We will solve the scale problem and meet the demands of world brands more. If there are customers, if the capacity is not enough, we have to grow. However, we must not consume the world while producing. We aim to establish a ‘carbon neutral OIZ’. We have to establish a technological OIZ that includes vocational high schools, R&D centers and social facilities. Our project is ready, we need an area of 4 million square meters. We want to establish an OIZ where we will contribute to Turkey’s $250 billion export target.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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