Turkey: Egg prices have been on the rise due to cost increases

Egg prices have been on the rise recently. The price of the medium egg was based on 80 kurus at the producer. The unit price of the egg, which was 73 kurus until last week, was 43 kurus in the same period last year. The producers said, “Our costs have gone up too much. Although feed prices have increased considerably, we have not fully reflected the cost increases. Under normal conditions, 1 egg in the producer should be worth ₺1.”

In recent years, many main food products have been experiencing price increases. Rising prices in every product, from fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy products, are the first item on the consumer’s agenda. Another product that has attracted attention in recent days is eggs. The unit price of the egg was based on 80 kurus at the producer.

In the same period of last year, the price of one egg was around 43 kurus. As of last week, 1 egg was sold at the producer for 73 kurus.

According to the news of Burak Cosan from Hurriyet, both the citizens who do not miss eggs on their tables and the restaurants that cook with eggs every day are brooding.

According to Ibrahim Afyon, President of the Egg Producers Center Union, the reason for this is the cost increases.


Expressing that there have been problems in the egg industry for many years, Afyon said, “Today our costs have increased a lot. As a matter of fact, we are one of the most transparent sectors. We can put all input prices on the table. Our costs have increased in many areas such as packaging, transportation and electricity. There was a great increase in feed prices, which constitute the largest input item. When all these came together, an increase in egg price was inevitable. Yes, prices have increased and this has been the subject of discussion, but egg producers are still selling below cost. Because the exit price of an egg from the producer should be ₺1. In fact, when you look at the increase in costs, it is funny to say that “egg prices have increased”.”


Stating that prices remained low due to the imbalance in supply and demand in the past, Afyon said, “Especially last year, when the pandemic was intense, consumption decreased. Because mass consumption places such as hotels and restaurants were closed. Since the egg is not a storable product, it must be sold. Because of this situation, while production continued, prices decreased as consumption decreased. During this period, restaurants, cafes, schools and hotels are always open. That’s why sales are increasing. In addition, since the production was high in the past years, the egg producers, who made a loss, sold the laying hens. This caused a slight decrease in production. Production actually came back to more normal levels. Considering this whole process, it is quite natural for the citizen to say that “egg prices have increased”, but the producer has nothing else to do. Although egg prices have increased, they are still not at a level that will satisfy the producer.”


Cahit Balci, who sells eggs in the bazaars established in Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece, said that for the last 1 month, ₺2 increase has been made for 30 eggs every week. Balci said, “As the price increases in the producer, we increase our prices. The eggs we sell for ₺25-26 are ₺32-33 in the markets. The Citizen is constantly reacting and accusing us. Our profit does not exceed ₺2-3 per 30 eggs. It is normal for eggs to increase in price during these periods. Because schools are opening, the weather is getting colder and consumption is increasing. Also, producers renew their laying hens.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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