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Turkey: ‘Digital Truck’ to travel to 52 provinces

National, historical, cultural, scientific, technological wealth digitally presented in traveling project

Turkey’s Communications Directorate launched Friday its “Digital Truck” project to tell of the nation’s national, historical, cultural, scientific and technological prosperity through digital presentations.

The project is an effort to contribute to Turkey’s future vision and is equipped with digital and technological expertise and application, and will visit 52 provinces, the directorate said in a statement.

As part of its first stop, it was open to visitors Friday from 12 a.m. until 8 p.m. in the northwestern province of Edirne.

The roadmap and details for the traveling truck are available at www.digitaltir.org.

Visitors will be provided with face masks to adhere to measures because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Truck, which has an interior space of 40-square-meters (131 square feet) when installed, welcomes visitors with a three-dimensional holographic server that conveys an information flow created with high-tech elements.

Inside is a motion-sensitive screen, 3D virtual box, a green screen and magic mirror experience areas.

The specially produced motion-sensitive screen animates the movements of the visitor passing or standing in front of it via advanced technology motion detection systems. Users can have a flight experience with Turkey’s national pride, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The green screen experience allows users who are photographed in front of special material as if they are in a predetermined environment with advanced technology data processing facilities. A copy of the created image can be printed immediately by hand or sent by e-mail. In this area, a digital certificate is also created that shows the success of the flight experience.

Separately, the 3D virtual box experience area provides a floating view without any connection to a structure,while providing a surreal impression by creating holography in the air with advanced technology.

The hologram show of the sixth generation ultra-marine drilling ship Fatih Drilling Ship is also displayed.


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