Turkey: As of July the tourist traffic will be stronger

Turkey managed to reduce the number of cases to one-third while leaving the complete lockdown processes behind. As of July, the tourist traffic will be stronger.

Turkey managed to reduce the number of cases to one third while leaving the complete lockdown processes behind. Declining from the number of cases exceeding 30 thousand to 10 thousand per day, the goal of Turkey is to reduce this number to less than 5 thousand per day. In this context, experts predict that these numbers will be approached. So why is 5 thousand emphasis being made on the number of cases? According to the information provided by experts, the most important criterion for Europe to lift travel restrictions is to reach an average of 20 cases per 100 thousand compared to the population. In order to catch this, the number of daily cases should be around 5 thousand on average. Tourism professionals state that Russia, one of Turkey’s largest markets, has similar expectations, expecting an acceleration in the tourism movement as of June. Tourism professionals said, “We are seeing a decline in the number of cases with the effect of the complete lockdown. There is a strong demand for Turkey in Russia. The Russian government will not remain indifferent to this. There is a very strong diplomatic traffic in Turkey. We think that Russia will start flights again as of June. Emphasizing that the travel movement has shrunk all over the world, therefore, the competition has increased, making the following evaluations about Europe: “Our rivals in the Mediterranean basin, such as Italy, Spain and Greece, want the travel to remain within the EU. For this reason, the EU constantly restricts the rate of cases. However, we think that both the facilities in Turkey and the services offered, and the restrictions on our country, at the request of the European, will be lifted as of July. From July onwards, the European tourist movement gets stronger.”

Greece promises employee vaccination

European countries are carrying out different promotional moves to keep the tourist within themselves. For example, while Malta gives €200 to tourists coming to its country, Italy highlights some of its holiday destinations as the ‘non-corona region’. Greece, like Turkey, promises to vaccinate all its personnel, but it is stated that this process will be difficult due to the spread of tourism in Greece to the islands. During this whole process, Turkey made the Safe Tourism Certificate compulsory for 30 and more facilities. Turkey, which will vaccinate tourism workers until the end of May, is taking a very fast progress. According to the information obtained, most of the tourism workers were vaccinated. All will be vaccinated by the end of May.

PCR testing not required for 15 countries

On the other hand, within the scope of coronavirus measures, Turkey has removed the PCR test application, which was previously required for passengers from abroad, for 15 countries. PCR test will not be requested from people coming to Turkey from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Japan, United Kingdom, Latvia, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Estonia. In this context, a serious dynamism is expected, especially from England. Tourism professionals predicting that Britain will remove Turkey from the red list in a short time, “PCR test was an additional cost. The removal of this will affect the demand for our country positively.”

Daily number of cases exceeds 19 thousand in France

According to the data of worldometers, who share the number of instantaneous cases by country, on May 13, the number of daily cases in France is over 19 thousand, while in Germany this number is 17 thousand. In Italy, one of Turkey’s competitors in the Mediterranean bowl, the daily number of cases exceeds 8 thousand. In Spain, this number is around 5,000. In Turkey, according to the latest data, this number has declined to 10 thousand. The daily number of cases is expected to decrease to 5 thousand until June, with both vaccination and measures.

Source. Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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