Turkey: $2.2 billion export from the mining sector

The mining industry realized an export of $2.23 billion in the first 4 months of the year.

Metin Cekic, Member of the Board of the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB), evaluated the export data of the mining industry in the first four months.

According to the statement made by IMIB, the mining sector, which has an important share in the development of the industry with its rich reserve, realized an export of $2.23 billion in the first 4 months of 2022.

In the statement, Cekic stated that there was a 26% increase in value on an annual basis.

Drawing attention to the importance of promotional activities in order to reach the targeted $7 billion for the end of the year and increase export capacity, Cekic stated that they have developed new strategies for the sector to reach the real value it deserves.

Cekic noted that the mining industry, which has the highest added value and employment creation capacity among the sectors, realized $705.7 million of exports in April.

Metallic ore exports of $849.4 million in the first four months

In the first 4 months of the year, regarding the export data of the mining industry, Cekic said that metallic ores increased by 34.9% compared to the same period of the previous year and ranked first with an export of $849.4 million. “The second place is the processed natural stones with 26.2% increase and $471.7 million, the third place is industrial minerals with 26.8% increase and $434.4 million, and the fourth place is block natural stones with $200 million. These mining groups were followed by ferroalloys with an increase of 42.6% and exports of $154.7 million. Total natural stone exports reached $672.5 million with an increase of 0.1%.”

Noting that in the first 4 months of the sector, the USA ranked first in natural stone exports with a value increase of 24.1% and $168.5 million, Cekic noted that China ranked second and natural stone exports worth $133.9 million were made to the country.

Cekic stated that after China, France with $35.9 million, Israel with $35.1 million and Iraq with $32.2 million.

The result-oriented management approach for new export successes

Indicating that all the actors of the sector have a great responsibility in order to make the success in export numbers sustainable and to reach the export figure of $7 billion at the end of the year, Cekic said, “We need to act with a management approach that gets results in order to manage the mining assets of our country correctly. For this, we aim to get results with the right strategy by identifying the problems in front of our industry.

Our main goal here will be to act with a result-oriented approach. We need to represent our industry in prestigious fairs abroad by using the right dialogue channels. For this, national participation organizations, the efforts of our exporting companies and our acting together will be our greatest strength.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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