Turkey: ₺1.3 billion support will be given to SMEs

Aiming to completely eliminate the effects of the pandemic on businesses, the Government will provide ₺1 billion 325 million of financing support to businesses through KOSGEB next year. The number of SMEs to be supported will also increase in the next year. In 2022, it is aimed to support 50 thousand 250 small and medium-sized enterprises.

Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB), which implemented the SME Financing Support Program in order to provide financial support to SMEs under favorable conditions, to solve their financing problems, increase their production, quality and standards, create employment, and enable them to compete at the international level, raised its target for 2022.

While the number of enterprises financed by KOSGEB was 5 thousand in 2021, this figure will increase to 15 thousand 950 in 2022. In addition, while the loan volume created with the financing support provided by KOSGEB was ₺250 million in 2021, it was predicted that this figure would reach ₺1 billion 325 million in 2022.


According to KOSGEB’s 2022 planning, the number of SMEs supported by KOSGEB will increase this year. It was planned to support 39,862 SMEs last year, but the number of supported SMEs has reached 50 thousand so far. This figure is targeted to reach 50 thousand 250 in 2022.


In order to facilitate, encourage and encourage their access to finance, the number of women supported by KOSGEB is increasing day by day. It is expected that 12 thousand women will be supported until the end of the year, and this figure is expected to increase to 12 thousand 500 in 2022. The share of entrepreneurship supports provided to women in total entrepreneurship supports is targeted to reach 29% by 2022.


The number of entrepreneurs supported by KOSGEB is increasing day by day. According to the data, it is recorded that the number of people supported will be limited to 30 thousand people by the end of 2021, while this figure is estimated to reach 33 thousand people in 2022. There is also an increase in the number of people who are entitled to a certificate of participation by participating in entrepreneurship trainings. While it is predicted that 30 thousand people will receive these trainings for 2021, this figure has approached 140 thousand so far. It is reported that this figure will reach 142 thousand in 2022.


According to the data, there is an increase in the share of SMEs in R&D expenditures. While it is predicted that this share will end with 21.4% in 2021, it is stated that this figure will increase to 22% in 2022. It was noted that while the share of supports to medium-high and high-tech enterprises in all KOSGEB supports was 37% in 2021, this figure will increase to 38%.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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