Turkcell’s competition to transform legal technologies into a career: Lexathon

Turkcell organizes the legal technologies hackathon project ‘Lexathon’, in which law and engineering students who are interested in legal technologies and want to contribute to its development will compete in teams. The Lexathon, which will be held for the first time this year, will begin on December 15. In the marathon, online trainings will be given by important national and international speakers. Students who are successful at the end of the Lexathon, which will be completed on December 28, will have the opportunity to do internships at Turkcell and the law firms that support the program, as well as earning cash prizes.

Turkcell continues to support young people with different projects in the field of education. In the ‘Lexathon’, the hackathon project on ‘Digital Transformation in Law’, where law and engineering faculty students will come together for the first time in Turkey, young people will compete to develop the legal technologies of the future in the field of law.

In the program, which will open the door to innovative ideas, it is aimed to bring together ecosystem stakeholders, especially students, to develop studies in the field of legal technologies, and to create a learning and development environment for students.

Stating that Turkcell stands by the youth at every opportunity in terms of education and career, Turkcell Deputy General Manager for Legal and Regulation, Serhat Demir said, “We witness that digitalization brings innovative solutions to legal processes, as in every field, and that traditional ways of doing business are reconstructed with a focus on efficiency. Turkcell plays a leading role in the development of studies in the field of legal technologies in our country. In this context, we started a law-based hackathon project with the aim of meeting the need for qualified human resources for legal technologies. We are breaking new ground in Turkey with ‘Lexathon’, where Digital Transformation projects in law will be designed. At the end of the competition, which will provide an innovative learning experience to our young people studying in law and engineering faculties, we turn legal technologies into careers by providing internship opportunities to successful ones at Turkcell and at reputable law firms that support the program. By maintaining our leadership in all areas where technology is included, we continue to support our youth, who are the guarantee of the future, at every opportunity, and to create education and experience opportunities for them.”


In addition to trainings on different themes, speeches by valuable academics from Turkey and abroad and mentoring support from experts in the subject will be included in the Lexathon, and it is aimed to find creative solutions to processes by bringing law and technology together. At the end of the program to be held between December 15-28, those who attend at least 70% of the training and seminars will be awarded a Turkcell Academy Digital Certificate. Students in the top 3 teams that win the Lexathon will be provided with internship opportunities as well as cash prizes. Applications for Lexathon, which is open to the participation of students studying in law and engineering faculties of universities, can be made at until 10 December.


In the program where innovative ideas will be developed by discussing the issue of Digital Transformation in Law, participants will be able to receive online training on the themes of Visualization in Law, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Digital Transformation and Personal Development. At the end of the training and seminars, the participants will compete in Lexathon with their ideas associated with these themes. Participants will also be provided with mentoring support by experienced employees of Turkcell and the law firms that support the program.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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