Turkcell launches Fiber Speed Festival campaign

Turkcell offers unlimited fiber internet service to its customers at 200 mbps within the Fiber Speed Festival campaign.

According to the statement made by Turkcell, the company continues to support home-schooling, entertainment and business life during pandemic days especially when the number of devices connected to the Internet at home has increased, and many activities such as distance education, video conferencing, watching movies and playing online games are carried out online.

In this direction, the company will expand its fiber infrastructure with the recent investments, and will provide unlimited internet at 200 mbps to its users. Users will be able to benefit from this package involving special privileges and opportunities.

Fiber Speed ​​Festival campaign offers customers 3 different packages; ‘100 mbps unlimited internet’ for 129.90 liras, ‘100 mbps unlimited internet and TV +’ for 149.90 liras, and ‘100 mbps unlimited internet and Samsung Buds headphones’ for 149.90 liras.

‘’We introduced the first fiber operator in Turkish homes’’

Alper Ergenekon, the deputy general manager for Turkcell marketing stated that people spend more time in their homes during the pandemic period and they need faster internet service during this period. Ergenekon emphasized that Turkcell is the first operator to introduce fiber in Turkish homes and said:

‘’We continue our efforts without slowing down to provide the best service to our customers with the fiber we carry not only to the building but also to the interior of the houses. We see that the internet demand is spreading over the whole day rather than certain hours. With the increase in the number of people using the internet at the same time, our customers have started to need internet at higher speeds to meet multiple usage. As Turkcell, we now offer the 200 mbps unlimited internet, which we have implemented with our superior fiber infrastructure, to the service of our users. While our users can download large files in a short time with 200 Mbps unlimited internet, they will be able to make many processes from video meetings to online trainings, simultaneously from different devices.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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