Trendyol ends the cargo waiting with the new cargo vending machines

Trendyol customers will be able to receive their orders from contracted points and cargo vending machines.

According to the statement made by Trendyol, the company continues to offer new applications to its customers for fast, secure and best shopping experience.

Trendyol, which enables deliveries to be made more convenient and faster with its new cargo model, eliminates the obligation of customers to be at the delivery address.

In addition to the normal cargo service in the new delivery model, Trendyol offers a wide delivery network with its contracted points for the choice of its customers. In addition, Trendyol customers can receive their orders 24/7 from cargo vending machines designed by local entrepreneurs.

Those who want to benefit from the flexibility of choice with different delivery points can choose one of the delivery points they want in their orders. When the order reaches the delivery point, customers can easily take their orders on the day and time they want. Customers who choose Trendyol’s delivery points service are also offered a discount coupon of ₺20.

While Trendyol’s new delivery model draws attention with its environmentalist feature, thanks to the model that eliminates the obligation to deliver to the address, carbon emissions from vehicles are reduced.

‘’A lucrative model for all.’’

Ozan Acar, Member of Executive Board of Trendyol stated that as Trendyol, they continue to offer the best shopping experience to their customers by using the power of domestic technology we have developed.

Acar noted the following:

“With our new delivery model, we offer our customers the flexibility to receive their packages at any time, from anywhere, in addition to regular cargo service, making their lives easier. We provide our customers with time savings and flexibility. In addition to this, we are creating a new benefit for the neighbourhood tradesmen who are going through a difficult period in the pandemic. We have reached nearly 2500 delivery points in 81 provinces. At the end of the year, we will increase this number to 5 thousand. We continue to work in order to expand these delivery points across the country.’’

Stating that they offer 24/7 delivery service to customers thanks to cargo vending machines as well as shopkeepers in the neighborhood, Acar said:

‘’We also offer convenience to our customers with cargo vending machines that can receive their packages at any time and every day of the week. We work with domestic initiatives for smart cargo vending machines. Cargo vending machines are currently serving in 5 major cities. We aim to deliver cargo vending machines to all provinces with the agreements we have made. While working with all our strength for our customers and business partners, we will continue to support tradesmen, local technology and domestic producers.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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