Trade Minister Mehmet Mus met with Albanian Minister Ibrahimaj in Kapikule and held bilateral meeting

Trade Minister Mehmet Mus and Albanian Economy and Finance Minister Delina Ibrahimaj met at the Kapikule Border Gate.

The Minister of Commerce, Mehmet Mus, was greeted by Edirne Governor Ekrem Canalp when he arrived at the Kapikule Border Gate. Thrace Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Manager Nihat Kinik received information about his work from Minister Mus in Kapikule VIP hall.

After the briefing she received, Mus welcomed Albanian Economy and Finance Minister Delina Ibrahimaj. Mus and Ibrahimaj held a bilateral meeting. The meeting, which lasted about 2 hours, was held in a closed place.

During the meeting, it was learned that mutual experiences regarding the modernization of customs gates and customs procedures were shared.

Then the visiting Minister and Minister of Commerce Mus toured the Kapikule Customs Area and made an examination.

Edirne Governor Canalp, Deputy Ministers Mustafa Tuzcu and Riza Tuna Turagay, GNAT Equal Opportunity Commission Chairman and AK Party Edirne Deputy Fatma Aksal, AK Party Edirne Provincial President Belgin Iba MHP Edirne Provincial President Zakir Tercan accompanied the Ministers.

After the examinations at the customs, Minister Mus and Minister Ibrahimaj, II. visited Trakya University Health Museum located in Bayezid Complex and then Selimiye Mosque.

After sending guest Minister Ibrahimaj to Istanbul, Minister Mus completed his program and left the city.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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