TOBB and Google launched a platform for the digitalization of small businesses

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and Google launched the platform created for the digitalization of small businesses in the country.

According to the statement made by TOBB, the platform called “Google for Small Businesses” prepared by the Union and Google will support these businesses to create a presence in the digital world and to sell to customers through different online channels.

The platform, which was prepared to adapt and strengthen small businesses to the reality of the digital economy, which became more prominent in the process of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, explains the necessary products and solution proposals step by step at a single point.

The platform provides free products, tools and trainings that businesses need online.

The platform, which also offers a business-specific plan, includes suggestions for the first or more effective use of products such as Google My Business, YouTube, Google Ads, G Suite, Google Analytics, Grow My Store, Google Domains, Test My Site, and Market Finder within the framework of this plan.

Google for Small Business includes an Online Success Guide that gives these organizations step-by-step information on how to move their businesses to digital and develop them.

Developed primarily by considering the needs of small businesses, the platform includes tools and resources that can be of value for larger businesses.

“This project is an opportunity for small businesses to move their business digitally.”

Speaking in the statement, TOBB President Rifat Hisarciklioglu stated that with Google, they have implemented the platform where Google’s digital transformation tools are gathered under one roof, which will guide small businesses to digital.

Stating that the most difficult process for small businesses during digital transformation is to gain access to the right tools, Hisarciklioglu stated that they want to show small businesses the digital transformation tools offered by Google with the platform and enable them to use these tools with the right methods by explaining them step by step.

Hisarciklioglu emphasized that with the project, many small businesses believe that they will make themselves more visible in the digital world and move their processes to digital more easily.

“In the project, there are many solutions for businesses that have both developed in digital transformation and have not yet started their digital transformation. If you have a physical job, a copy of it must be digital. This project with Google is an opportunity for small businesses to move their businesses digitally. Many solutions that will benefit small businesses are under one roof. In this context, I invite all SMEs to benefit from this project.”

“The way to growth and competitiveness is to move towards digital”

Google Turkey Country Director Mehmet Keteloglu pointed out that SMEs need a step-by-step, practical guide to bring their businesses to the online environment, and stated that the platform offered free of charge to businesses within the scope of cooperation with TOBB will facilitate the digitalization journey of SMEs.

Drawing attention to the fact that it is critical for businesses to be fully involved in the digital world and to be able to meet customers in these calls, Keteloglu said, “While the path to growth and competitiveness under the new normal conditions passes through the digital orientation, as Google Turkey, we are determined to support businesses on their journey.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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