TIM President: We will reach $200 billion in exports

Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) President Ismail Gulle said, regarding the $200 billion export target expressed by the Minister of Trade Mehmet Mus, “We used to say ‘that year this year’, now we say it more clearly. We will achieve $200 billion of exports and more this year.”. Turkey maintained its strong performance in exports in April, reaching an export figure of $18.8 billion with an increase of 109% compared to the same month of the previous year, and this amount was recorded as the highest April export figure of all time. Exporters, who have set new records since the beginning of the year, have also increased their targets.


Stating that they thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for uninterrupted ownership of production and exports during the full lockdown period, Gulle reminded that production and exports continued during the epidemic period. Pointing out that the decisions taken for the continuation of production and exports are appropriate, Gulle said: “Our factories worked yesterday without being affected by the process, and they will work tomorrow. We hope to crown this with a new export record at the end of May. As countries fail to achieve this, there are breaks in the supply chain and difficulties in the supply of raw materials, but countries that manage this well, like Turkey, can see both the capacity and the order density in a few months. Even though there are problems in the supply of raw materials from time to time, at least it can be sent, and the container is expensive, but it can be sent. As a result, these figures are the figures of the goods sent. Our aim is to respond to the demand here, to provide the supply and to control the side effects as much as possible while providing the supply. In that context, as TIM, we are creating a Turkey Logistics Portal. Here, we want to bring together exporters, agencies in the logistics service sector, and shipping companies and provide service from here with a structure.”


TIM President Gulle drew attention to the increase in freight prices during the epidemic and emphasized that the demand for raw materials increased and the density in logistics increased. Stating that the prices have risen far above the expectations, Gulle explained that they expect this to normalize and reach a certain balance. Reminding that they announced a 109% increase in exports on the basis of value today, Gulle said, “Turkey has increased its exports by 43% in tonnage this month, so the goods we produce are valued by 60%. This makes us more satisfied, both the value of our products and the goods we sell on the basis of value-added products have also increased.” Emphasizing that a healthy exchange rate system is indispensable for exports, Gulle said, “It is also correct to keep the exchange rate at a certain level gradually and to be determined by the market within the framework of the decisions implemented by our government and our Central Bank. This did not make the exporters lose and contributes to the export target.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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