Turkish airlines announced flight plan for January 2021

In the statement made by THY, it was stated that passengers were transported to 208 destinations in health and safety according to the flight plan.

Turkish Airlines (THY) updated its flight plan for January.

In the statement, the following was shared:

“After days away from the sky, now is the time to meet again. As a result of our meticulous work with national and international health authorities, we regain our loved ones, discoveries, and memories to be made with flights with healthier and safer standards. As we know how difficult it is to plan during this period, we are happy to offer you flexible travel opportunities.”

It was noted that passengers can make unlimited changes for their tickets until 31 March 2021 with the application starting from 21 March, and it was reminded that detailed information on this issue is available on the flexible travel page.

In the statement that the flight calendar shows the flights to be applied until January 31, 2021, it was stated that information will be given as the flight plan for new travels is updated.

It was noted that passengers can access THY’s new flight plan via the link “”.

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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