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The World’s Best Universities Announced: There Are 6 Universities From Turkey In The Top 500

Round University Ranking (RUR) recently shared the 2022 version of its annual World University Rankings. While the list reveals the best universities in the world, it also showed the world ranking of universities in Turkey.

Going to the best educational institution is something many of us dream of or dream of, as universities are the biggest tool in shaping our future, social skills and personality. Well, which are the best universities in the world and in Turkey for students to choose?

The answer to this question was given by the World University Ranking 2022 list prepared by the Round University Ranking (RUR). The list, in which a total of 1032 universities were listed this year, showed both the ranking of universities in the world and the current situation of universities in Turkey. The world’s best universities and Turkey’s top 10 universities on the list were as follows:

The best universities in the world

1- California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – USA
2- Harvard University – USA
3- Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA
4- Stanford University – USA
5- Karolinska Institute – Sweden
6- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Switzerland
7- Columbia University – USA
8- Imperial College London – United Kingdom
9- University of Chicago – USA
10- Johns Hopkins University – USA

Turkey’s best universities

Middle East Technical University – 336.
Koc University – 362.
Istanbul Technical University – 384.
Sabanci University – 434.
Bogazici University – 437.
Bilkent University – 485.
Ankara University – 527.
Hacettepe University – 549.
Istanbul University – 555.
Gazi University – 653.

Other prominent universities in Turkey

Ege University – 741.
Yıldız Technical University – 742.
Dokuz Eylul University – 779.
Erciyes University – 808.
Marmara University – 877.

In this year’s list, the most prominent name in Turkey was Middle East Technical University (METU). METU, which was 425th on the list last year, rose 89 places this year. On the other hand, Bogazici University dropped 50 places, Bilkent University 132, Hacettepe University 161 and Istanbul Technical University 72 places.

How are universities ranked?

RUR evaluates universities under four main headings: education (40%), research (40%), international diversity (10%) and financial sustainability (10%). A total of 20 indicators are evaluated under each main heading. In addition to the general ranking, universities are also ranked separately under the headings of humanities, life sciences, medical sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and engineering.

Source: Webtekno / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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