The price of lemons increased the most in May with 15.18%

According to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), the most increased expenditure item in the city in May compared to the previous month was lemon, with 15.18%.

The ITO announced the expenditure items with the highest increase and decrease in retail prices in Istanbul in the period of May 2021.

Accordingly, the retail prices of 130 of the 242 products included in the Istanbul Wage Earner’s Livelihood Index increased, the prices of 27 products decreased, and the prices of 85 products remained unchanged.

Last month, lemon, which was included in the sub-group of fresh dried vegetables and fruits in food expenditures, was the product with the highest increase in price with 15.18%.

Other products with an increase in prices were determined as bananas with 14.63%, carpet with 12.75% from the household goods expenditures group and vacuum cleaners with 12.51%, and intercity bus ticket fees with 12.26% from the transportation and communication group.


Green pepper, which is in the sub-group of fresh and dried vegetables and fruits in food expenditures, decreased by 36.54% and became the product whose price decreased the most last month.

Other products with a decrease in prices were recorded as green beans with 26.89%, peas with 18.62%, and iron with 12.52% from the household goods expenditures group.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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