The pistachio harvest in Siirt provides ₺10 billion to Turkey’s economy

The harvest of Siirt pistachio, which has an important place in Siirt’s economy and provides ₺10 billion to Turkey’s economy, has come to an end.

Due to the end of the pistachio harvest in Siirt, the farmers started to transport their products to the pistachio warehouses. Pistachio producer Omer Koyuncu said that the pistachio harvesting process, which started in the vineyards in the early hours of the morning, continued until the evening hours, and that the pistachios filled in sacks were left to the facilities for later processing. Koyuncu said, “We have started the pistachio harvest. We can say that it is the last harvest. Since there was no rain this year, pistachios burned in some places. We are a little sad because of that. This is something that comes from God. I hope it will not be reflected in the prices.”

Farmer Bekir Akbey, who stated that Siirt pistachio contributed greatly to the economy of the province and the country, said that the harvest was finished in Siirt for the best, and that some producers carry the pistachios to the warehouses, while some producers sell the pistachios to the merchants as fresh. Akbey said, “Many people earn bread in the process from the vineyard version to the collection and sale of the pistachios we collect. These can vary between 10 and 15 items. It makes a significant positive contribution to both the domestic market and the country-wide market with all its inputs and outputs, from pruning to collection, sale to roasting. Both in export and domestic market.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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