The peak in the manufacturing industry investments of the public is in the chemical sector

The sector to which the public has allocated the most funds for manufacturing industry investments this year was chemistry with ₺797 million 764 thousand, while SME and entrepreneurship took the second place. The sector with the highest increase in allowance amount compared to last year was the railway vehicle industry with 774%.

According to the compilation of the AA correspondent from the 2022 Investment Program, the appropriation allocated for the manufacturing industry investments covering 8 sectors increased by 70.2% compared to the previous year and reached ₺2 billion 725 million 957 thousand.

Among these 8 sectors, the sector with the highest allocation was “chemistry”. The appropriation of the chemical industry increased by 73.4% compared to the previous year and reached $797 million 764 thousand.

The highest resource allocation within the chemical industry was made to the General Directorate of Eti Maden Operations with ₺772 million 119 thousand. It is envisaged that an appropriation of ₺25 million 645 thousand will be allocated to the Turkish Grain Board.

In terms of appropriation size, while the chemical industry was followed by SMEs and entrepreneurship with ₺656 million 684 thousand, the highest appropriation was allocated to the Ministry of Industry and Technology with ₺621 million 684 thousand.

The appropriation amount allocated for the railway vehicle industry, which ranks third, was ₺416 million 600 thousand.


In terms of appropriation increase rates, the railway vehicle industry took the first place. The appropriation allocated for this sector increased by 774% compared to 2021.

The printing industry followed the railway vehicle industry with an increase of 397.4%.

The decrease in appropriations was in the electrical machinery sector with 47.1%.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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