The number of visitors to shopping centers returns to pre-epidemic numbers

After the removal of COVID-19 measures, the number of visitors to shopping centers across the country began to increase. An average of 5 million visitors per day has been reached in shopping centers. Alp Onder Ozpamukcu, Chairman of the Turkish Shopping Centers and Retailers Federation, said that there are 441 shopping centers in Turkey.

Stating that the average daily number of visitors to shopping centers before the epidemic was around 6.5-7 million, Ozpamukcu stated that this number was around 650 thousand on average during the epidemic period.

“We are about to catch 2019 in customer numbers”

Explaining that with the removal of the COVID-19 measures, the number of daily visitors reached 5 million in shopping centers, Ozpamukcu said, “We are about to catch up with 2019 in the number of customers, we seem to be just coming before the pandemic. Of course, the economic contraction will hit the number of customers a little bit, but I think we will leave that behind this year.”

Ozpamukcu said that the months of September, October and November will be decisive in terms of seeing the latest situation, and that the process is progressing well for now.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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