The most valuable asset of this period is the big data in real estate: Foreign Economic Relations Board

The fourth edition of the RE360 Great Meeting of Real Estate continues online, where all stakeholders leading the real estate sector and senior executives of the sector come together and share experiences and new trends. Speaking at the opening of the second day of the program, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) President Nail Olpak talked about the changes caused by the epidemic in people’s lives and trade, the acceleration of the change in commercial and artificial intelligence, emphasize on glocalization rather than globalization and the inadequacy of economies of scale alone in competition.

Stating that “accessibility” emerged in addition to the concept of logistics, which is spoken with distance and proximity, Olpak explained that mobility emerged in working models, and those who survive in this process and those who can give the sense of trust to their interlocutors much will gain.

Olpak gave information about DEIK and explained that the business platform, which has been operating with international business councils for 35 years, is the window of the Turkish business world to abroad.

Nail Olpak said:

‘’ Today, we have 146 business councils spread all over the world. We carry out studies that increase investment and trade between countries, and we call our motto” commercial diplomacy. ‘’

Stating that they are active in almost every notable country in the world, from Equatorial Guinea to Cambodia, from Lithuania to Oman, from Peru to the Cape Verde Islands, Olpak stated that they have colleagues in every country, that they work together, and that no similar of these structures exist in the world.

‘’ Those who read the change correctly in the new period will survive. ‘’

DEIK President Olpak stated that they are in the information age, and everyone emphasize that the most valuable asset of this period is big data, he completed his words as follows:

‘’ With the cooperation of our DEIK family, we are waiting for you with a network of business people from all over the world, 146 business councils and opposite wings. We are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Continuous communication and an effective business network.

Let’s turn this value into more benefits, added value. In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable in terms of this age. Industry players know better how to use this data than we do. The pandemic has brought new normals to our lives. Those who read them correctly and in time will be the survivors and winners of the new era. I wish the recovery in the sector to continue and increase. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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