The mass production of the new Hyundai i20 model has started in Turkey

i20 model of Hyundai automobile brand has started to mass-produced at Kocaeli Hyundai factory; a ceremony for this mass production was held. Choi Hong Ghi, the Ankara Ambassador of South Korea participated in the ceremony and stated that Hyundai is one of the 5 biggest automobile producers in the world and this is the first Hyundai factory founded in abroad.

Choi emphasized that at least 90 percent of the automobiles produced in Kocaeli will be exported, especially to Europe. He said:

‘’ Hyundai Kocaeli factory is a symbol of collaboration between two countries; the factory directly contributes on employment and Turkish export. We believe that Hyundai Turkey factory will improve within the new i20 models and we hope that collaboration between Turkey and South Korea will be empowered.’’

Ali Kibar, the board chairman of Hyundai Assan emphasized their big and successful investments in Turkey and said:

‘’We hope to operate in the marketplace as a trustable and consistent domestic manufacturer. We will annually contribute on Turkish economy with over 2 billion dollars worth export. We have new vision and goals; new i20 models produced in Kocaeli are expected to be sold the most in European market and the Kocaeli Hyundai factory is constructed on a new technological platform for segment leadership.

Along with multiple engine and gearbox options, new i20 is the higher hybrid version that is environment friendly. New i20 is expected to secure it’s market share in B segment with nearly 350 thousand sale projection to Europe. We believe that new i20 model will also find great interest in Turkish market; the new model will probably will be the leader of the B segment with it’s unique high-tech.’’

Kibar also talked about their future investments in the ceremony.

‘’We will produce 100 thousand new i20 model automobiles annually.’’

Icckyun Oh, the CEO and the chairman of Hyundai Assan stated that Hyundai Assan Turkey factory was founded in 1997 and has been improved ever since. Ickkyun mentioned that i10 and i20 models of A and B segment are produced in that factory, he said:

‘’We have produced over 2 million vehicles in Turkish domestic market in order to export to Europe, Middle East and North Africa countries. We have developed our new i20 model for 2 years and 3 months; I am so happy to be at this ceremony, celebrating our mass production. We will produce 100 thousand new i20 model automobiles annually. New i20 model has an innovative design and the highest quality; we will export this model to the world from Turkey. In this sense, we will contribute on Turkish economy and export income.’’

This factory will cover the 50 percent of total i20 production: minister Varank

Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology is also participated in the ceremony. Introduction videos of new model i20 and the factory were presented in the programme. Minister Varank, Ahmet Burak Daglioglu the chairman of Presidency Investment Office, Seddar Yavuz the Kocaeli Governor, Ali Kibar, Choi Hong Ghi, Icckyun Oh and other authorities signed the new i20 model that is in the production line.  

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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