The main target of the Turkish machinery manufacturers is to exceed $27 billion

The export move of the Turkish machinery industry did not slow down during the pandemic. Saying that exports exceeded $20 billion in 2021, Kutlu Karavelioglu said, “Our goal this year is to exceed $27 billion.”

The machinery industry, which has attracted attention with its successful momentum in recent years, has become one of the three sectors whose exports exceed $20 billion in 2021. According to the year-end data, the machinery sector, which increased its exports by 23.3%, reached $23 billion in total machinery exports, including free zones. With the figures adjusted for the effects of the sector’s closure in 2020, the increase in exports compared to 2019 reached 18.3%. The machinery sector, whose total exports to Germany and the USA exceeded $4 billion, also passed the $1 billion threshold in developed European countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy and France.


Expressing that they started 2022 with high self-confidence, which is expected to recover in the world economy, Kutlu Karavelioglu, Chairman of the Machinery Exporters’ Association, said, “Before the pandemic, we were exporting most of our machinery to Europe and the USA, but this process provided much more special cooperation. The total share of these two regions in our machinery exports was around 70%. We are determined to turn our achievements into competition and we are programming our New Year’s moves.”


Pointing out that the effect of the pandemic will weaken in the spring and the expectation that there will be a leap in the economies of developed countries has strengthened, Karavelioglu said, “The order density we have shows that our market share in the EU and the USA will continue to increase.” Karavelioglu said: “We are also making important developments in our exports to our neighboring countries. The monthly total machinery exports exceed $2 billion. All developments instill confidence in us to set our 2022 target above $27 billion.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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