The growing coronavirus death toll & spreading in one chart

Last month, a pneumonia-like coronavirus dubbed 2019-nCoV emerged in Wuhan, China. Since then, it’s spread to every populous continent and infected thousands around the world — though the vast majority of confirmed cases and all deaths still fall within China.

The coronavirus claimed its first life on January 10, and since then the death toll has climbed at an alarming and accelerating rate. All in all, 2019-nCoV has a relatively low mortality rate: at press time, only 106 people have died from a pool of 4,630 confirmed cases worldwide, and many of the casualties were older.

We’ve plotted the death toll over time to help illustrate the rising mortality from the virus. This story and its embedded graph will be updated as we learn more and time goes on. For more context and information, we’re also tracking the outbreak with this timeline.


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