The furniture industry broke record before the end of 2021 with export of $3.5 billion

Furniture Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Associations Federation (MOSFED) President Ahmet Gulec stated that they achieved a record $3.5 billion in exports before the end of the year and said, “We have increased our year-end export target to over $4 billion. We aim to close the year with $4.3 billion. As we closed this year with a record, we will reach our 2022 and 2023 targets.”

Gulec, who is also the President of Istanbul Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters’ Association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Turkish furniture has become a brand in the world with its quality.

Emphasizing that Turkey is the country that increased the most furniture exports in the world in 2019, Gulec continued as follows:

“We became the 8th in the world by climbing 6 steps across the world. With this record, we were among the sectors that did not decrease their exports in 2020. We made a record export in 2019. Our total furniture exports in 2019 was around $3 billion 460 million. Now, before the end of the year, we have exceeded $3.5 billion. These numbers show that our future plans are correct. We are growing very seriously in big markets regarding the image of Turkish furniture. We are growing in countries where furniture is considered valuable, especially in the USA, France, Germany, Italy and England. This has been our biggest win.”


Stating that the Turkish furniture industry has continued on its way by increasing its share in world trade in the last 20 years, Gulec said, “Turkey proved that it is a furniture country. We had a lot of dynamics. Thank God, it started to bear fruit today. Now, the world’s largest furniture companies have started to see Turkey as a production base. Some have started to move their production here. Some of them started to produce their collections in Turkey by cooperating with our producers here.”

Expressing that the Turkish furniture industry has increased its share in major markets, Gulec continued:

“We have carried our year-end export target over $4 billion. We aim to close the year with $4.3 billion. As we enter the markets, our exports will increase by billions and billions. As we closed this year with a record, we will reach our 2022 and 2023 targets. Our furniture export target was $6 billion in 2023. We will easily reach this figure, but the rate of increase in furniture exports in 2022 will be a source of envy for many sectors.”

Source: Haberturk / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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