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The first snow of the year will fall on Istanbul between 18-22 January

While the occupancy rate in the dams was alarming, news came for Istanbul. According to the statement made by Meteorology, the first snow of the year will fall in Istanbul between 18-22 January.

According to the statement made by the General Directorate of Meteorology; torrential rain will be effective tomorrow in Istanbul. On Wednesday, the rain will stop and it will be replaced by sunny weather. On Thursday, torrential rain will make its effect felt for a full week. Authorities warned the people living in Istanbul against floods and warned them to go out with umbrellas and raincoats with them.

The second week of January will be cold

There are good news from Meteorology about the snowfall that citizens are looking forward to. It is stated that the Siberian cold will dominate Eastern Europe in the second half of January, and will affect Turkey between January 18-22. It is estimated that the first snow of the year will fall in Istanbul between 18-22 January.

Turkey is getting rid of the influence of high pressure

Meteorology Professor Orhan Sen, in his statement on his Twitter account, stated that Turkey will soon get rid of the influence of the high pressure and said:

“Drought continues in Turkey. For this reason, everyone is looking forward to the rain. I think that we will get rid of the effect of high pressure in the middle of next week, around 14-15 January, and we will be affected by the cold and rainy weather from the north. If there is no deviation and weakening in the system, the first snow of the year will fall on Turkey. There is a possibility of snow in Marmara. More consistent forecasting will be made after Thursday this week.”

93 years record has been broken

According to the information provided by Orhan Sen, the records of 93 years were broken in January. Prof. Sen shared the following information:

“December 2020 in Ankara was the hottest month of 93 years. While the 93-year average temperature of January is 4.7°C, this week it is 12-13°C. While the 93-year average January temperature in Istanbul is 8.5°C, this week is 15-16 °C.”

Source: Posta // Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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