The export target for dried fig is 60 thousand tons: the chairman of Exporters Association

Figs, produced on 37 thousand 300 hectares in Aydin, are among the important sources of income in the city. Most of the figs sold as fresh during the harvest period starting in August are dried. A significant portion of dried figs are sent to more than 80 countries, mainly to Europe.

Last season, 90 thousand tons of dried figs were harvested in the Aegean Region, 72 thousand tons of these were harvested in Aydin. This year, the harvest in the Aegean Region was determined as 85 thousand tons.

“Climate conditions reduced yields.”

Birol Celep, the chairman of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association, stated that the fig yield has dropped as in many products due to climatic conditions. Emphasizing that Turkish figs are a very rare product, Celep said:

‘’Dried figs are sold up to 70 liras in retail. The export price of Turkish figs should be $7-8 for per kilogram. Turkey has exported about 70 thousand tons of dried figs last year and we have an expectation of around 60 thousand tons for this year.”

Producers are content with the price

Kazim Gunaydin, the board member of Aydin Commodity Exchange noted that 60 percent of the figs produced in the city were exported. He said:

‘’ The prices have increased despite the low yield this year. Our producers and farmers are very satisfied with this situation. A kilo of strained figs, which we call 36-40, is sold for 50 liras on the counter. When we look at it, we see that a piece of fig is 1.5 lira. This situation made our producers smile.

We generated an income of $284 million in fresh and dried figs in the 2019-2020 season. While Aydin’s general export is announced as $751 million, we obtain one third of this figure from fig export. We bring this money both to our country and to our city. We think it is a great added value. “

Germencik Taris Fig Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union Chairman, Mustafa Bircan stated that their members are satisfied with the prices.

A fig producer Yahya Anlıak also stated that the product was sold at the price they wanted on the counters and said:

 “I think the fig was sold to the value it deserves this season. We were sorry that the yield was low, but the high prices made us smile. We are pleased with the prices this year.”

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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