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The building permit is a must in prepayment real estate sales

Hamza Yanık, the Deputy Mayor of Etimesgut stated that according to the Consumer Protection Law article, housing sales with prepayments are not legally possible without getting a ‘building permit’.

Yanık said:‘’ We detected that some real estate firms are commonly making online marketing news about uncertified projects and prepayment of these housings before getting a building permit in Etimesgut and some other districts of Ankara. Governmental process concerning the issue is already started.’’

Yanık emphasized that citizens become interested in prepayment methods of housings that do not have a building permit before knowing enough information and said:

‘’ The nonfulfillment of the agreement articles pledged by fancy presentations about unaccredited buildings is very possible. Our citizen may suffer from this situation in the future.’’

‘’The basic factor is the building permit.’’

Yanık mentioned that in order not to be victimized, citizens having bought housings that do not have building permits should apply to Consumer Arbitration Committee. Consumer Protection Law was effectuated in 2013 to relief that kind of victimizations and this law is now being neglected by some sellers.

Yanık stated that building permit is an official certification showing that the municipality already controlled the housings, officially determined the owner and the contractor and also that the qualifications of the housings are corresponded to the related project. Yanık continued:

‘’Building Permit Certification both creates an assurance for the buyers and a foundation for regularity conforming to building standards. The basic factor is the building permit. Citizens can be informed about building permit from us by taking block-plot number and they should demand and want the permit also from the sellers. If not, citizens will highly possibly be victimized and not find any competent authority about their issue in the future.

Our competent ministers should start necessary researches; we have already started correspondence with them. We plead that our ministers will be sensitive about the issue so that the citizens will not lose their savings. ‘’

‘’Realtors and contractors are also victims.’’

Yanık mentioned that they have already started governmental processes for two real estate firms in Etimesgut and that aside from buyers, realtors and contractors are also victims, he said:

‘’ There is an unfair competition for realtors and contractors. Realtors performing their legal obligations and undertaking the required part of the cost are victims of the ones who do not; honest contractors who work under the laws are also victims in the sector.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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