The 7th Workup Entrepreneurship Programme will start online supported by Turkey Iş Bank

Workup Entrepreneurship Programme is supported by Turkey Is Bank and operated by Kolektif House. According to the statement of Turkey Is Bank, Workup Programme was not interrupted during the pandemic and graduated 6th workshop startups in June. 

The 7th Workup Programme will start online with 18 new startups from different sectors. startups from different cities are able to join to 7th workup since the programme will be online; along with Istanbul, there are enterprises from Ankara, Izmir and Bursa.

37 startups were chosen from the applications for Workup Entrepreneurship Programme and they made their presentations at 8 different presentation events that were held in July; the participants of these presentation events were composed of Workup mentors and graduates. 18 startups were determined by the votes of the participants and they are accepted to the 7th Workup Programme which will start soon.

Workup Entrepreneurship Programme supports startups in early phases that have scalable, sustainable business model and technological base. The programme has operated uninterrupted within Kolektif House since 2017.

The programme accepted 80 startups and completed 6 programs till this day. 60 startups were graduated on Demo Day which was held on July. Enterprises demanding office support will be provided at Kolektif House Levent Istanbul during the online period of the programme which will continue all along 2020.

Workup Entrepreneurship Programme offers mentors who are experts in their fields, education, free cloud and servers, cooperation; especially with Is Bank Group, the participation privilege to physical and online activities that are held in Turkey and abroad, investment opportunities and lastly advertisement.

7th workup program starts with 18 enterprises

Here is the list of the new 18 enterprises:

  • Arvia: The software that enables easy addition of voice/video chat to web sites and mobile applications.
  • The enterprise providing online payment options to the firms who want to charge their customers with low prices and get paid fast.
  • Bobu: The software that turns books and magazines for children into a mobile application fast and without coding.
  • Chatterbox: Customized Chatbot software facilitating the communication between businesses and customers before and after a sale.
  • Emoty Al: Artificial Intelligence enterprise producing an insight via mood state analysis.
  • E-playout: The platform that gathers e-sports players and teams wanting to be educated together with professionals, expert e-sports players and coaches who can educate them.
  • Evimdekipskiolog: The digital platform presents those wanting to get a physiological guidance with easy, cheap and portable expert support.
  • Huma Breath: The breathing exercising application that helps controlling the mind and the body.
  • Innerjoy: Artificial intelligence personal meditation application that makes mood states in daily life listed as special topics.
  • Inspakt: The platform that digitalizes printed forms and contracts and securely keeps them.
  • Nutzen Tech: The enterprise that produces environment friendly drones; these drones are able to scale, save, show, classify and map the parameters polluting the air.
  • Oreka: The market place that provides the customers with the lost foods from restaurants, bakeries, cafes and groceries up to 50 percent discounts from the base prices.
  • Pirahas: The integrated management tool for sellers on
  • Plastic Move: The enterprise producing raw material of bioplastic out of stale bread.
  • Popupsmart: This software makes it easier for web sites to create a pop-up campaign.
  • The cloud computing solution turning every computer into a powerful gaming computer or work station.  
  • TRIWI: The wearable technology enterprise that is integrated with a mobile application; this enterprise enables women to keep track of their breast health and changes.
  • Tuvis Al: The image processing enterprise that recognizes fabric defects in textile sector and makes process optimization.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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