Textoni received an investment with a valuation of ₺4 million

Textoni, serving in the field of content marketing to brands, received an investment of ₺4 million from Atanova Ventures. Focusing on developing its technology with investment, Textoni plans to step into global markets.

Textoni, serving in the field of content marketing, received an investment. The investment was realized by Atanova Ventures with a valuation of ₺4 million.

Textoni, whose foundations were laid with the E-Debiyat App, which was set out to meet author candidates with publishing houses, started to serve brands with 18 thousand authors in a short time. The application, which pivots a new startup with its content marketing service, offers solutions to the content processes of brands under the name of Textoni.

Tufan Kizilirmak, Founder of Textoni said, “Our aim is to develop more writers in the field of content marketing, bring them to the sector and bring them together with more brands. Currently, we have started to serve 18 thousand of our writers from 60 countries. As Textoni, our main focus is to create a model where our brands can meet their content needs by choosing among the best alternatives as soon as possible. We think that we will make a difference by transforming into a marketplace model where companies or individuals creating content requests can access dozens of alternatives and can only buy the content they want. This investment, which we have received from Atanova Ventures, will add value to us by getting know-how, and will be a very important step in terms of developing our technology and growing our team.”

Atakan Atalar, founder of Atanova Ventures, said, “Marketplace initiatives are not only the trend entrepreneurship models of recent years, but also the future of the business world. We anticipate that this model will grow more in the next few years and that quality content will gain more value. Consumption perception is changing rapidly in our country and globally with Generation Z, and we know that qualified content will meet the need created by this change. Our paths crossed when we saw Textoni’s potential in this field. Although it is a very new startup, being a team with 18 thousand authors from 60 countries has accelerated our global plans. We believe that Textoni will become an important global player in this field in the future.”

Source: Dunya / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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