TEKNOFEST Smart Transportation Competition applications have started

Applications have started for the “Smart Transportation Competition” organized by IGA as part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival. Beyond making our lives easier, smart transportation applications that make all modes of transportation safer are implemented with original and national resources within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions.

Students develop environmentally friendly projects in the competition, which focuses on “mobility” and “sustainable transportation”, which transform the transportation technologies of the future.

Making use of high technologies in transportation systems, competitors develop a vision in the field of Intelligent Transportation with systems that increase safety as well as work that ensures energy efficiency.


Taking action within the framework of investing in developing technologies and establishing a productive unit, TEKNOFEST contributes to the development of a vision in the field of smart transportation technologies.

In the Smart Transportation Competition, students create projects that will add value to social life by integrating their social responsibility awareness with their technological knowledge and experience.

Within the scope of the competition, it is aimed to meet the need for faster, more comfortable and safer transportation by increasing mobility in the face of limited transportation capacity.

Opportunities are created to make life easier by solving technological and economic problems in the competition, which allows the implementation of modern technology and management strategies in an integrated manner with transportation systems.


With the Smart Transportation Competition, environmental impacts and travel times are reduced in transportation, while increasing traffic safety. The competition, which is open to the participation of students studying in Turkey and abroad, is organized in three different categories: primary and secondary school level, high school level, higher education and graduates.

This year, the winning teams in the competition are awarded a total of ₺76 thousand. The deadline to apply for the competition is February 28.

As part of the TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions, the teams that ranked high in the Smart Transportation Competition to be held in Ordu between 29-31 July 2022 will receive their awards at TEKNOFEST to be held at Samsun Carsamba Airport on 30 August-4 September 2022.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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