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Sur Yapi launched its “Half and Half” campaign

Sur Yapi is launching a new campaign called “Half and Half”, which includes residential projects on both sides of Istanbul and the “Sur Yapi Antalya” project.

Sur Yapi is launching a new campaign called ‘Half and Half’, which includes housing projects on both sides of Istanbul and the ‘Sur Yapi Antalya’ project.

According to the statement made by Sur Yapi, attractive payment opportunities and delivery assurance will be offered to those who want to own a house in Antalya and Istanbul projects.

The campaign will be valid for a limited number of apartments, where half of the payment will be paid on delivery and the remaining half in cash. With the campaign financed under the guarantee of Sur Yapi, different payment alternatives will be offered to those who want to buy a house.

The campaign, which will continue for a limited period of time, will be valid in the Sur Yapi Antalya Project, which is Europe’s largest urban transformation project with housing projects in different concepts on both sides of Istanbul.

Sur Yapi Chairman of the Board of Directors Altan Elmas, whose views were included in the statement, gave the following information about the campaign:

“With this campaign, we put our hands under the responsibility of our projects that are under construction, and we leave 50% of the house amount to delivery within the scope of the campaign by providing a great opportunity to housing buyers. In a sense, we are financing our customers ‘half and half’. We think it makes sense to offer such a campaign to home buyers and investors in a period where construction costs have increased by 23% in the last 1 year. Commodity prices around the world have increased by 50% to 70% in the last 6 months. Some of these costs will inevitably be reflected in the construction costs in 2021. Housing investment made today has the opportunity to turn these cost increases into profit.”

Stating that it is a great advantage to pay half of the delivery for the residents who will benefit from the campaign, Elmas underlined that homebuyers can use credit with suitable loan conditions for the remaining half of the house amount at the time of delivery and that they can spread their debts over the long term while sitting in the house.

Elmas, ‘Thus, they can pay half of the house amount from the beginning and pay the remaining half in installments. Those who cannot give half of them in advance, those who have a property in their possession and have to sell will have the opportunity to use a bank loan for 50% of the house amount from today and pay only the bank installments until delivery, and in a sense, have the opportunity to become a homeowner today with 0 down payment.

Stating that the campaign also created a great opportunity for investors, Elmas noted that the price of the houses is fixed from today and the prices of the houses will increase until the delivery.

Alternative payment opportunity without a bank with Sur Yapi financing

According to the information in the statement, Sur Yapi also offers alternative payment plans in its Istanbul and Antalya projects.

Sur Yapi offers a 10% discount in case of payment, half in cash and the other half in 24 months, with no interest payments, while on the other hand, as an alternative payment plan, Sur Yapi financing offers a payment plan with half cash, half payment of with a 0.75 maturity and 60 months installments.

Within the scope of the campaign, those who want to buy all in cash can benefit from 20% discount for Istanbul projects and 15% for the Antalya project.

Sur Yapi projects within the scope of the campaign include Sur Yapi Antalya, Topkapi Houses in Topkapi on the European side of Istanbul, Tempo City in Kagithane, Bahceyaka in Ispartakule, and Muhit projects in Sancaktepe on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, YesilMavi in Maltepe, Kosuyolu with Excellence in Kosuyolu, Sehir Konaklari in Umraniye.

Meanwhile, Sur Yapi, together with the Antalya Project, has delivered 1,530 apartments and shops in the last 1 year with the deliveries of Lavander in Sancaktepe and Sehir Konaklari located in Umraniye.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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