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Summer house prices increased by 40%

Prices in summer houses, which stand out with the pandemic, increased by 40% compared to last year. Stating that foreign demand is strong, sector representatives said, “Domestic tourists should hurry up. Prices will increase even more in summer.”

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, the tourism sector aims to catch up with 2019, which is called the record year in tourism.

In this period, the contract period started for the summer houses, which are one of the strongest alternatives for domestic tourists. Both summer rental platforms and real estate agents are at the table for new contracts with the owners of the cottage in January.

According to the news of Betul Alakent from Sabah newspaper, according to the information given by the sector representatives, it is predicted that there will be an intense demand for summer rentals from foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists this year.


Stating that prices are 40% higher on average compared to last year, industry players point out that these prices may double in the summer period.

Industry players said, “Foreign tourists rent a summer house like February-March, but local tourists are looking for it like May. Prices will increase even more during this period. At the same time, there may be difficulties in finding a place. Domestic tourists who want to rent a summer house should plan for the winter period this year.”

Yeliz Patiroglu, Member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), stated that January is the contract period in the sector and said, “We are currently in talks with the landlords. We see the increase in general house rents in summer rentals as well. This year, prices on the coastline will start the season with a minimum increase of 40%.”


Explaining that the daily price of a 2+1 flat in a standard apartment, far from the sea, in the Kas-Kalkan region was ₺600, Patiroglu said, “This year, the daily rent of such an apartment will start from ₺1,000. It can rise up to ₺1,300 in the summer season. Again, while a 3+1 flat is ₺2,200, this year it will start from ₺3 thousand per day. While a 4+1 villa is ₺4 thousand, this year it will start from ₺5.5-6 thousand.”


Explaining that many landlords on the coastline did not prefer to rent for 12 months during this period, Patiroglu said, “Instead of renting ₺4 thousand per month, they want to get that money daily in the summer season. In the winter period, they started to do more home renovations etc. It has become difficult to find monthly rental houses in this region.” Explaining that the landlords had determined the price in dollars and euros in the previous years and received rent in TL, Patiroglu continued as follows:

“However, some landlords want to rent directly in dollars or euros this year. They prioritize foreigners.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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