Strawberries produced in Manisa exported abroad with many demands

In the district of Kirkagac, which is known for its world-famous melons in Manisa, melons were first to be exported. Now, the strawberries grown in the region are exported and the demand is not met.

Strawberry production was started in Kirkagac district of Manisa in order to generate additional income in addition to the world-famous melon and the production amount was increased to 500 tons in a short time. This year, the strawberry, which is offered for sale for ₺15, is sent to metropolitan cities such as Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara, as well as exported to Germany.

In the district of Kirkagac, known for its world-famous melon, Manisa, the “Strawberry Growing Project” initiated by the district governorship 10 years ago made the farmer smile. Strawberry production, which is becoming widespread every year in the district, is carried out by 50 farmers in a 100-decare greenhouse. Strawberry production amount was up to 500 tons and the first harvest of the season was made. The strawberry, which is offered for sale for ₺15 as retail, is sent to metropolitan cities such as Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara, as well as exported to Germany.

The head of Kirkagac Chamber of Agriculture, Emin Ozari, called on farmers to produce strawberries with high income. Noting that they are currently producing strawberries in a 100 decare greenhouse area in Kirkagac and they have a yield of 5 tons per decare, Ozari said, “Our farmers can earn between ₺20 and ₺25 thousand from 1 decare strawberry plantation. This is a good figure for our farmers. We have a greenhouse area of 200 decares in Kirkagac. At least 25% of this area should be transformed into strawberry production because both its yield and income are high. We send the strawberries we produce in our district to the fruit and vegetable markets of our metropolitan cities such as Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul. In addition, he said, we are exporting to many countries of Europe such as Germany.”


Mehmet Egrioglu (50), who is married and father of 3 children, who lives in İlyaslar District, stated that he has been producing strawberries in his greenhouse for 2 years. “We first planted it last year as a trial and we were successful. This year, we aim to buy 5 tons of strawberries on 1 decare of land. For now, I bought 1 ton of strawberries, but there are also the second and third harvest periods. The prices are also very nice. As retail, we sell ₺15 per kilo. We cannot grow it because there is a demand. For now, we sell only to our own dealers.”

Source: Hurriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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