Sipay, local fintech startup soon launching in Europe, USA and UAE

Sipay, Turkey’s financial technology company offering new generation payment solutions, announced that it will expand its field of activity to Europe, the USA and the UAE.

Turkey’s innovative financial technology company Sipay provides corporate and individual users with a new generation of payment systems infrastructures such as digital wallets, Virtual POS, and link payment. Especially during the pandemic period, institutions that do not have an e-commerce site continue to grow in parallel with the need for safe and fast payment systems of individuals and users who shop online, and Sipay continues to offer solutions suitable for user needs.

Semih Musabak, General Manager of Sipay, the award-winning company of payment systems, made the following statements about the growth targets: “With the approval of the license we made in Lithuania a year ago, we will make payments from all over Europe or transfers to Europe through our payment institution in Lithuania. We aim to grow by taking part in the USA and then the United Arab Emirates markets after Europe.” Musabak, who stated that expanding the activity regions will increase the employment of the company by 50% until the end of April said, “We established a new company in ITU Teknokent. We have built a new organizational structure that will manage our technology through this company. In addition to supporting Sipay, we aim to turn it into a technology company that can support our corporate customers and different payment institutions and grow further.”

Digitalization and security should be handled together

Musabak stated that although the digitalization processes are accelerating with the pandemic, companies still cannot be integrated with the digital sufficiently. And added saying, “Digital transformation means moving all processes from customer acceptance to the stage of signing any document by using technology at every step of the companies. As Sipay, we first analyze the needs of large or small businesses and determine what kind of platform they need. At this point, I can say that it is one of our most important issues to ensure the security of the payment infrastructure by making security analysis and reporting on the websites before providing Sipay solutions to our member businesses.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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