Siirt pistachio, Turkey’s best pistachio is exported to Germany

Siirt pistachio, called “green gold” in Siirt, was liked in Germany, where it was first exported.

Siirt Integrated Pistachio Processing Facility, which was established within the scope of the project carried out jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the European Union, made significant progress in 2017.

While the products prepared in a hygienic environment with large market chains and online sales sites reach the consumers in the country, 7 tons of pistachio were exported to Germany under the own brand of Siirt Pistachio Processing Industry and Trade Inc. last year.

Packaged in high-quality standards at the facility and prepared with attention to hygiene rules, the products first attracted attention in Germany, the country where it was first placed on the shelves.

Siirt Pistachio Processing Plant Board Member and Marketing Officer Erol Avci told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they gained a great advantage with Europe’s largest pistachio processing facility, which cost €10 million 4 years ago.

“Germans loved Siirt pistachios”

Stating that 35 personnel are working at the facility, Avci explained that their work continues to serve at full capacity.

Noting that the pistachios processed in the facility adorned the shelves in Germany, Avci said, “This was our first export and the products we exported attracted great interest. When we first sent it, they said ‘premium’ about our product.”

Stating that export negotiations were started with Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, England and Czechia after the pistachio was appreciated in Germany, Avci stated that with the positive conclusion of these negotiations, the pistachio will gain the value it deserves.

Emphasizing that they will not compromise on quality, Avci said, “Our pistachios are released to the market after passing all inspections and laboratory analyzes.”

“Our pistachios are processed untouched”

Operations Manager Sinan Celik stated that they process the pistachios they buy from the producer at the harvest time in the facility.

Stating that they started the drying process after separating the pistachios from the shell during the harvest season, Celik continued as follows:

“Siirt pistachios are first separated in size, then open and closed in the facility. It is broken off and separated to obtain inside or to be sold directly closed. The pistachios, which we call the main crack with an open mouth, are separated according to their size, so they are packaged or roasted and then put on the market. Our pistachios are processed untouched. We only use natural salt and it does not contain any additives.”

Noting that pistachios have passed certain tests at every stage in the facility, Celik said that experts in their field work in the facility.

Food engineer Buket Demirhan said that they can perform all kinds of physical and chemical analyzes in the laboratory.

“In our laboratory, the aflatoxin and moisture of the pistachio, physically, the size and all kinds of calibres of the product are checked.” Demirhan stated that they also have quality certificates.

Zeynep Celik, one of the employees, stated that they are 7 brothers-sisters and she is happy to work in her hometown.

Zeynep Celik said, “Our facility is extremely flawless. We carry out our work well. The pistachios we picked here are exported and contribute to the country’s economy.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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