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Selale Park: the carbon neutral park from Tuzla Municipality

Tuzla Selale Park, one of the most functional parks of Turkey, has been like a wellness centre for the local community and Tuzla Municipality founded a solar power plant in the park.

According to the statement of Tuzla Municipality, power plant is composed of 1386 panels, produces 367 kilowatts of energy and is founded in 4 thousand 200 square meters of space.

Istanbul’s biggest solar power plant built in public domain will compensate it’s cost in 3 years. The power plant prevents 274 tons of carbon dioxide emission and also 25 thousand trees from being cut annually.

Sadi Yazici, the mayor of Tuzla stated that the municipality has had many projects that are environment friendly and related to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Yazici said: ‘’Tuzla solar power plant is one of our most important projects regarding environment and future energy investments. It is crucially important to turn alternative environment friendly energy sources and to found self-sustaining cities, projects and services.

This power plant produces energy without harming the nature. Our park is carbon neutral; it sustains it’s own energy.  The most important issue will be energy in the future and we believe that being a self-sustaining country requires benefitting from all possible energy sources. We must make use of our natural sources and make energy savings in our world where global warming effects are already seen. We continue our projects in this path and increase the solar power plants in Tuzla.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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