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SEC Market, Bizim Toptan’s retail stores has become joint stock company

SEC Market is one of the subsidiaries of ‘’Bizim Toptan’’ and has been incorporated after it’s recent growth. 

According to the statement of Yildiz Holding, Bizim Toptan is one of the leading organized retail companies in Turkey and operates within the holding; SEC Market is the business model of Bizim Toptan, it contributes to the economy by creating a competitive environment with the small entrepreneurs of conventional channel like grocery stores. SEC Market enlarged it’s goals and increased the advantages for it’s retailers by turning into a corporation.

 SEC Market shareholders are Bizim Toptan with 90 percent and Yildiz Holding with 10 percent; one of the goals of SEC Market by turning into a corporation is transferring information and experience to small entrepreneurs via benefitting the group structure of the holding, SEC Market will empower the competition superiority by doing so. Small entrepreneurs getting services from SEC Market will be able to have mentorship from the top managers of food and retail companies of Yildiz Holding. In this sense, small entrepreneurs will be able to learn information and experience from competent leaders like Mehmet Tutuncu the CEO of Yildiz Holding, Mete Buyurgan the CEO of Ulker, Huseyin Balci the CEO of Bizim Toptan, Ugur Demirel the CEO of SOK Market and Cengiz Solakoglu the board chairman of Bizim Toptan.

SEC Market offers opportunities like competition superiority, supply convenience and digitalization. SEC Market has 938 retails in Turkey and aims at increasing this number with it’s new structure.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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