Sea snail worth $2.7 million was exported from Turkey in the first two months of 2021

75% of the foreign sales realized in this period was made from the Black Sea.

In the first two months of the year, an income of $2 million 675 thousand 123 was obtained from the sea snail exports to 5 countries from Turkey.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the data of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (DKIB), 454.350 tons of sea snails were exported to 5 countries in two months of the year.

During the period in question, $2 million 675 thousand 123 were earned from exports.

The Republic of South Korea, the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Japan and Bulgaria were the countries that bought sea snails from Turkey.

$1 million 668 thousand 757 of exports were made to the Republic of South Korea, $489 thousand 600 to the People’s Republic of China, $381 thousand 500 to Taiwan, $133 thousand to Japan and $2 thousand 266 to Bulgaria.

75% of the sea snail exports made in January and February were provided by the Black Sea Region from Turkey.

“Sea snail has become a sought-after product in foreign markets”

Saffet Kalyoncu, Chairman of the Executive Board of the DKIB, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that although there is no consumption of sea snails in Turkey, an important input has been provided from its exports.

Pointing out that the sea snail, which is exported especially from the Black Sea Region, has become a sought-after product in foreign markets, Kalyoncu stated that the restrictions in the legal regulations should be regulated in order for exports to reach much higher points.

Kalyoncu pointed out that there is a ban on hunting in sea snails, and said:

“There is an obligation to keep the balance and to hunt the sea snails in terms of the population. However, the fishing ban applied equally to all sea creatures can make it difficult to supply the desired level of product. For this reason, it is necessary to allow the fast-growing sea snails to be hunted for a certain period of time in order not to harm other creatures. This will enable its exports to reach higher figures.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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