SANTEK DIGITAL: The first digital fair to be attended by 130 companies

A press conference was held to promote the SANTEK DIGITAL 2021 Virtual Fair, which will be held on the digital platform by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry on December 8-10. It was stated that the Fair to be organized will be the first digital fair of this size to be held in Turkey.

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, 7th Industry and Technology Fair-SANTEK, which was organized for the first time in 2013 with the aim of transforming Kocaeli, which is Turkey’s leading industrial center with its strong industrial structure and added value, into an exhibition center where international events take place, is on the digital platform. For the promotion of SANTEK DIGITAL Fair, which will be held on 8-10 December, a press conference was held with the participation of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Kocaeli Branch President Vedat Dogusel, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce President Necmi Bulut, Korfez Chamber of Commerce President Recep Ozturk and hosted by KSO President Ayhan Zeytinoglu.


Providing information about the SANTEK DIGITAL 2021 Virtual Fair, KSO President Ayhan Zeytinoglu said, “Our goal as a Chamber is to transform Kocaeli into an exhibition center where international events take place. For this purpose, we started to organize the SANTEK Fair in 2013 for the first time. In a short time, our fair has become the meeting point of the industry and technology sector and an effective way of accessing domestic and foreign markets. This year, we are organizing our fair under the name of ‘SANTEK DIGITAL’ on the online platform on 8-10 December, with stronger access and interaction opportunities. SANTEK DIGITAL is the first digital fair of this size in Turkey.”


Providing information about the number of participation in the fair, Zeytinoglu said, “There are currently 70 companies registered in the system in our fair. This number increases to 130 together with the start-up companies in the technoparks. We organize our digital fair with the technical infrastructure of, an e-export platform approved by the Ministry of Commerce. In addition, we continue to organize our traditional “Defense Industry City Meeting” and “Match4Industry” events simultaneously with the fair.”


Continuing his speech with his explanations about the Defense Industry Provincial Meeting event, KSO President Zeytinoglu said, “We started the Defense Industry Localization Project in 2014. We have provided nearly 2,700 job interviews to date. We will physically organize our Defense Industry Provincial Meeting event on December 8 at Kocaeli Congress Center with the presence of our President of Defense Industry Presidency, Mr. Ismail Demir. Our event includes Naval Forces Command, Defense Industry Presidency, ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN, TUSAS, Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation, ISBIR Electricity, STM-Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. and FNSS.”


“As a province, we are not where we should be in the defense industry,” said Zeytinoglu, “For this reason, this event is an important opportunity for our companies that want to be suppliers to the defense industry. Opportunity to establish cooperation with bilateral business meetings regarding the domestic procurement of defense industry products imported from abroad. Our appointments for bilateral business meetings are full. The number of bilateral business meetings with appointments is close to 200. Defense industry companies will be in our city with a delegation of about 40 people.”


Continuing his speech by giving information about the Match4Industry event, Zeytinoglu said, “Our international bilateral business meeting event, which has been organized since 2012 and has become a tradition, has been held with the participation of over 6000 bilateral business meetings / 1500 companies to date. This year, we will bring together our companies online with foreign business people from Russia, Serbia, Latvia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania, England, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Tunisia, Vietnam, Germany and Ghana. We will hold our event with 105 companies and 160 participants from Turkey.”


Noting that SANTEK DIGITAL Fair will be open to visitors for 1 month, Zeytinoglu said, “The B2B online Platform created in the background of the fair will also remain open for 1 year. Presidency of Defense Industry did not spare its support and contribution at the SANTEK-Digital Fair and our Defense Industry Provincial Meeting Event. In particular, we will have hosted our SSB President, Mr. İsmail Demir, with this event, twice in our city. I would like to thank Kocaeli Governorship, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, Gebze Chamber of Commerce, Korfez Chamber of Commerce, Kocaeli Branch of the Chamber of Shipping, Eastern Marmara Development Agency (MARKA), Defense Industry Foundation companies and I expect the participation of all our industrialists in our virtual fair and events that we will hold simultaneously.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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