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Samsung Galaxy S21 series now available on sale in Turkey

Galaxy S21 5G is presented with a compact 6.2-inch screen and light design; Galaxy S21 + 5G also stands out with its larger 6.7-inch display and larger battery capacity

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S21 + 5G, and Galaxy S21 5G, members of Samsung Electronics’ latest flagship Galaxy S21 series, are available for sale in Samsung stores and through the Samsung Online Store.

According to the company statement, users will be able to get the new Galaxy S21 series smartphones at more affordable prices by taking advantage of the ‘Bring the Old, Take the New’ campaign from Samsung dealers or the Online Store on February 12-28.

Galaxy S21 Ultra stands out as the biggest member of the Galaxy S21 family with its 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED 2X display. This screen is also the smartest of the screens Samsung has ever produced. When using the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it is no longer necessary to choose between the fluency of the 120Hz refresh rate and the WQHD + display, both can be had at the same time.

Samsung broke new ground for Galaxy S Series devices, bringing the much-loved S Pen experience to the Galaxy S21 Ultra with Wacom technology. This brings a new level of creative expression and productivity to the admiral smartphone experience. It is possible to combine the power of the S Pen with the power of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, with a number of features ranging from drawing, taking notes, editing photos to signing documents. Moreover, if there is an S Pen used in the current device, there is no need to buy a new one. Because the S Pen, used in Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab devices, can also be used in Galaxy S21 Ultra or can be purchased separately with its compatible case.

Superior camera technologies

The Galaxy S21 5G is presented with a compact 6.2-inch screen and lightweight design, while the Galaxy S21 + 5G stands out with its larger 6.7-inch display and larger battery capacity. The enhanced 8K video stills feature in the Galaxy S21 series enables clear frames from 8K videos. In this way, every time the record button is pressed, it is possible to capture both the movement itself and moving frames.

Thanks to the 60fps Super Balanced video feature, images taken in motion look clear. The new Director’s View feature allows you to preview the shot, make transitions and select the best shots.

With Vlogger Framing, videos can be shot simultaneously with the front and rear cameras to capture real-time responses. With the Live Thumbnails feature, the angle can be changed by previewing, and switching between close-up or wide shot. With the power of artificial intelligence, the One-Click Multi-Shot feature also allows you to take various photos and video formats with one touch. Thanks to this feature, which is further enhanced with new video settings such as Highlight Video and Dynamic Slow Motion, which reflect the professional style, stunning frames, and prominent streams can be captured while focusing on the action.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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