Sale of second hand phones and tablets will be under guaranteed standards

Ruhsar Pekcan, the Minister of Commerce evaluated the new regulation regarding the sale of ‘’renewed products’’ (second hand) in her statement. Pekcan emphasized the importance of this regulation and said:

‘’Our aims within this regulation are releasing of technological products with an ongoing economic life, prevention of waste, conservation, reduction of import and a safe supply of reasonably-priced second hand technological products.’’

Pekcan mentioned the details about safe second-hand supply, she said:

‘’We see that there are mistrust and informality, especially in phone market. We would like to prevent this informality and provide the consumers with reasonably-priced second hand technological products. The new regulation will create a constitutional substructure for ’renewed products’; hence, our consumers will be able to safely sell or buy second hand products and use their rights within the warrantee. ‘’

‘’ At least 12 months warranting will be obligatory.’’

Pekcan stated that within this regulation; used phones and tablets can be renewed at Ministry approved Renovation Centres and put on market again with certification and warrantee. She said:

‘’Renovation Centres will operate after having the Renewal Licence and be able to create ‘buyer’ and ’seller’ channels working for them in order to sell their renewed products. Renewed products will have ‘renewed product’ inscriptions on their packaging, tag and commercials; also, at least 12 months warranting will be obligatory for these renewed products.’’

Minister Pekcan stated that they have the assessments of related agencies and institutes and soon the regulation will be started to operate.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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