Sabanci Holding: We will determine a hybrid working order

Saying that they did not part ways with any of their employees during the pandemic, Sabanci Holding CEO Cenk Alper said, “40% of the group works from home, the rest works in offices. We will determine a hybrid working order.”

Sabanci Holding CEO Cenk Alper, who said that they made a commitment to “We start this business with 60 thousand people, we will finish it with 60 thousand people” at the beginning of the pandemic, said, “We have continued to progress without leaving any person since that day. We didn’t lay off anyone to cut costs. Our priority now is to gradually shift to our new working methods.”

Explaining that business continuity gained great importance during this period, Alper said, “None of our business was interrupted during the pandemic period, it continued to grow.” Underlining that they focus on designing the future together with the youth, Alper said, “Because the new generation of young talents look at whether you keep your promise, how much value you add to the society, rather than money, office and car opportunities. The society looks at your promise. We need to win the hearts of young people.” CEO Alper shared the projects of the group that focus on the youth at the meeting he held.


Stating that the group is currently working in the office at a level of 40%, Cenk Alper gave the following information about the new working order: “We will determine a hybrid working order. Everyone will be working from home on Wednesdays. Two of the remaining 4 working days will be elective. The employee will decide which days to choose.” Reminding that they updated their community promises during the pandemic process and defined them as ‘We will unite Turkey and the world with pioneering initiatives for a sustainable life’, Alper underlined that the focus of Sabanci Group’s promise is sustainability.

Reminding that they are the first large community in Turkey to announce their sustainability goals for 2050, Alper said, “We said we will have net zero carbon and zero waste in 2050.” Explaining that the community has mobilized the technology and innovation power of the community during the pandemic, Alper said that Sabanci Group, which stands by its country with grant and donation programs exceeding ₺32 million, took action for the families of healthcare workers with the ‘YarinBizim’ project. With the project implemented by the Group in April, mentoring and career development support is provided to the children and siblings of healthcare professionals who are preparing for the university entrance exam. Young people studying in the 11th and 12th grades of healthcare professionals or preparing for university exams again this year can benefit from the project. A total of 1,180 applications came from 74 cities for the project.


Noting that they started a new project called ‘X-Challengers’, Alper said: “We chose 29 of our group presidents, with a maximum age of 27. We tried to bring together the youngest minds of our group. These friends of ours are preparing a five-year plan for their group presidency without any limits. We will listen to their projects in July and include them in our own plans.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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