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Russians topped the list of foreigners who bought housing in Turkey for the first time

After the war started, the number of residences purchased by Russians, who increased their real estate investments in Turkey, increased by 186.6% in April compared to the same month of the previous year, while the number of Ukrainians increased by 185.9%. Thus, citizens of Russia topped the list of foreigners buying housing for the first time. On the other hand, in total house sales to foreigners, records were broken in April with 6,447 houses, and in January-April with 20,791 houses.

While the number of residences purchased by Russians in Turkey increased by 186.6% in April compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 1,152, Russian citizens topped the list of foreigners purchasing housing for the first time.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the TUIK housing sales statistics, house sales to foreigners increased by 48.9% in the January-April period and reached 20 thousand 791.

Sales figures for the first 4 months were recorded as the highest January-April figures of all time.

Looking at the sales by provinces in the January-April period, Istanbul took the top spot with 8 thousand 538 units. Antalya was followed by Antalya with 5 thousand 417 and Ankara with 1,237.

Mersin, Bursa, Yalova, Izmir, Samsun, Sakarya and Trabzon were the other provinces in the top 10.


Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey increased by 58.1% last month, reaching 6 thousand 447, the highest April figure of all time.

Russians, which increased their housing investment in Turkey after the Ukraine-Russia war, took the top spot in sales to foreigners for the first time in April. The number of residences purchased by Russians from Turkey in April increased by 186.6% and reached 1,152.

Last month, Russians were followed by Iranians with 905, Iraqis with 714, and Kazakhstani citizens with 311. Citizens of Germany, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Yemen were also among those who bought the most housing.

Housing sales to Ukrainians in April, on the other hand, increased by 185.9% compared to the same period of the previous year, from 92 to 263 units. It was noteworthy that the increase in the investments of the citizens of both countries was well above the general average of 58.1%.


Tamer Ozyurt, Chairman of Ozyurtlar Holding, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Turkey shows that it continues to be the focus of attention of foreign investors.

Reminding that they had previously stated that there was a need for regulations that would eliminate some difficulties in front of sales to foreigners, Ozyurt said that steps were taken in this regard and that the numbers would go up even higher.

Ozyurt noted that the latest support packages announced could mobilize the pending citizens and explained that the support given for construction projects will increase the supply.


Bahaş Holding Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdussamet Bahadir also stated that the interest and belief of foreign investors in Turkey continues with an increasing momentum and said, “This shows us how attractive and advantageous the Turkish real estate sector is for foreigners living abroad. In our meetings, we personally see that foreigners are very interested in our industry.”

Referring to the change that foreigners who deposit a contribution amount of at least $500 thousand to the BES will have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, Bahadir said, “This means that we may encounter more interest from foreign investors in the coming periods. It will contribute to the housing production, which will increase both domestically and abroad, and the market will revive.”


Helmann Yapi Chairman of the Board of Directors Selman Ozgun talked about the increasing interest of international investors in Turkey and said, “The demand our country receives from foreign investors for housing is increasing higher than its competitors in Europe. We will be one of the leading countries in this field in the future.”

Noting that there has been an increase in house sales to both locals and foreigners in Antalya, Ozgun said that the city has become a favorite of international investors.

Ozgun said, “After the war, not only the Russians, but also the Ukrainians’ interest increased. We can clearly see this increase in Antalya.”


Akzirve Sales Manager Hakan Sabbag also stated that the Russians increased their housing investment in Turkey after the war and gave the following information:

“Last month, the number of residences that Russians bought from Turkey increased by 186.6% to 1,152. Currently, Turkey is the safest country for Russians. We hear this from them, too. They used to buy in Antalya, now they have started to invest in Istanbul and some other cities. In fact, we have heard that some companies serving in Russia have told their personnel that they can continue their work from Istanbul.”

Hakan Sabbag, noting that the international real estate investment in Turkey is increasing gradually, said that there is an increase in the purchases of the citizens of countries such as Kazakhstan, South Korea and China.

Sabbag, stating that foreigners’ investment in housing will increase in the summer months, added that there will be a net increase in the demands especially from Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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