Rose oil’s price is €5-€7 thousand per liter

Approximately 50 tons of harvest is expected from the rose seedlings planted in an area of 140 decares in the Lisinia Nature Project Area in Burdur. 1 liter of rose oil is obtained from 4 to 6 tons of rose. A liter of oil finds buyers around 5-7 thousand euros in the international market.

In the Lisinia Nature Project Area, which was established years ago near the Karakent village of the center in Burdur, rose production has also started in the works carried out to set an example for the farmers.

While rose seedlings were planted in the gardens in the region, this year the cultivation area was 140 decares.

In Lisinia, where rose oil and rose products are obtained by distilling its flowers, 50 tons of rose flowers are expected to be harvested this year.

Nature Project Area Manager Ozturk Sarica said that 1 liter of rose oil was obtained from 4-6 tons of rose and that it was sold in international markets for between €5 and €7 thousand.


Stating that they started rose production in 2005 with the drip irrigation system, Sarica also stated that they saved 75% of water by this means.

Sarıca said, “We are growing roses on an area of approximately 140 decares with the drip irrigation system. Last year, we had about 47 tons of rose production. We are trying to force 50 tons, but this year’s climatic change, sudden warming and sudden cooling caused a very serious loss of yield in roses. I think it is difficult for us to catch the last year’s harvest. In addition to collecting the rose, we carry out its distillation, extracting its oil, extracting its water and also selling it in national and international markets.”

Explaining that the rose production, which was made on an area of 10 thousand decares in the Burdur region in the previous years, has decreased to 1000 decares in recent years, Ozturk Sarica said, “Burdur has started to fall seriously behind in rose production. The disruption in the purchase of roses this year caused a little more dismantling, but I think that rose will make much better money in the coming years and will be a source of income for people because it is currently known as the highest frequency of rose oil in the world. It has a frequency of 327 MHz.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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