Red potato producers make bread, pasta, and dessert from potatoes

Producers, who got high yields from the tropical plant red potato, which started to be grown in the Datca district of Mugla, started to prepare alternative foods with this potato in order to increase the awareness of the product.

Also known as “sweet potato” due to its flavor, the red potato has adapted to the land of Datca.

The producer Huseyin Haripci, who participated in the studies carried out in the region within the scope of the high value-added vegetable production program of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, also obtained high yields from red potatoes.

With the help of his mother Pakize and his family, Haripci made bread, pasta, dessert, bagel and pastry from potatoes, and salads and herbs from leaves. These foods also attracted attention from holidaymakers in the region.

Mugla Agriculture and Forestry Director Baris Saylak told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they are working to diversify agricultural production and increase farmer income.

Saylak stated that the products prepared by the red potato producer Huseyin Haripci and his mother Pakize Haripci should be seen and developed by other producers and said, “Red potato, which is a great mineral store in terms of consumption, is a very important alternative product for the drought and food shortage that may occur in the coming period. We aim to both put a little more money in our producer’s pocket and spread it by leaving a good product for future generations.”

Provides high profit

Emphasizing that they are trying to grow products with high added value instead of classical products in every part of Mugla, Saylak said, “Red potatoes provide both effortless, low cost and high profit compared to other types.”

Saylak stated that the red potato will become a sought-after product in the coming years and that a wide variety of dishes and desserts will be made from the product.

Stating that his wife and son have been planting red potatoes for three years and they have achieved high yields, Pakize Haripci said, “I started making various meals and desserts from the products grown. First of all, I made the bread and everyone started asking and asking. I make it on certain days. Later, I increased the variety.”

Huseyin Haripci, on the other hand, stated that he made a good profit from the trial planting he had done in previous years, even though the cultivated area was small, and said:

“The cost of this product is low, the cost is low. I got a high yield this year and I am very happy. I sometimes give potatoes for free for promotion. We use completely natural methods. There are no pesticides and fertilizers. Thanks to Datca’s climate, it can stay in the soil for about a year. We aim to develop Datca-specific products in the coming years by improving the food and desserts of the product with my family. The products we make from red potatoes attract attention from both the locals and holidaymakers.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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