Record exports from the grain sector to Germany

The grain industry, which closed last year with an export of $9 billion 156 million, focused on exports with high added value in the new period. The grain industry participated in ISM, one of the world’s largest food fairs, held in Germany, with 85 companies.

Kazim Tayci, the presidential candidate of the Istanbul Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association, said, “Our companies have been participating in this fair for many years. Our growing industry, focused on production and export, should be more involved in such foreign events so that we can provide more foreign currency inflows to our country.”


Emphasizing that their biggest aim is to contact customers from all over the world, Tayci said, “The exhibition has become a meeting point for our industry, not finding customers. All of Turkey has an export of $9 billion. $2.5 billion of this is for my union. $2 billion of this is made up of confectionery, confectionery products and food preparations. We have an export of approximately $800 million in sugar and cocoa products to Europe. Europe is both the largest producer and one of the largest consumers of this business. I believe that anyone who makes high-quality products in sugar, cocoa and pastry products will expand their markets. We need to turn crises into opportunities. We will not sell products sitting down, we will go to see that market on the spot and explain our activities. The Chinese market has huge potential, a population of more than 1.5 billion, and an interesting growth trend. Today, there is a wealthy segment of over 250 million, which we can call a+, compared to this, the American and European markets are more saturated. Hopefully, when we come to the management, the most important point we will tell all our producer and exporter friends will be that we have the potential to sell products all over the world. First of all, we all need to go together and get rid of the markets where we are in a bottleneck.”

Saying that Tayas Gida is a company that exports to 140 countries with 57 years of experience, Tayci said, “We are the company that exports the most from Turkey to Korea. In confectionery and cocoa products, we are the company that exports the most to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and Taiwan. The number of countries our industry exports to is 75. We talk about the Far East and South America at every opportunity. These are difficult markets, but the export unit value is high. This business is not just about selling products to Iraq, Lebanon and Algeria. We also need to sell to Argentina, South America, Asia.”

Referring to the importance of new export markets, Kazim Tayci said, “It is not enough to go to some special markets and say to buy my product. We worked with an observer for almost two months to start selling to Japan. They examined everything from our glass, to our lights, to our electrical cables. Since there is a risk of dust on it, they wanted no horizontal cables or anything like that in production. After hard work, we started to sell products to Japan. We need to show ourselves more in these markets. We want to reap the fruits of the advantage we have gained from these areas as the whole sector.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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