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Receive your shoppings at petrol stations, Hepsiburada & Petrol Ofisi cooperation

‘’Hepsimat’’ is a Hepsiburada e- commerce platform service that enables you to determine a delivery address other than home and work places. According to the statement of Hepsiburada, the Hepsimat fields of operation will be expanded. Hepsimat users will be able to use fuel stations as a delivery address for the first time thanks to the cooperation between Hepsiburada and Petrol Ofisi Corporation. Hepsiburada customers will be able to get their orders from Petrol Ofisi stations for 24/7. Customers will be able to determine delivery day and hour.

The new operation will be started firstly at Petrol Ofisi stations in Istanbul/Levent and Uskudar. This cooperation is expected to expand around Turkey soon.

‘’We plan to increase our Hepsimat business partners.’’

Taner Timirci, the head of operation group in Hepsiburada said:

‘’Hepsiburada regards customer satisfaction as first, aims at improving the shopping experience. We follow customer demand and need closely, develop innovative service models accordingly. Hepsimat is developed for customers to make them able to determine the appropriate delivery hour and day.

We aim at expanding this vast delivery network in Turkey; for this goal, we plan to increase our Hepsimat business partners and increase the number of the delivery locations to 650 by the end of 2020. Gas stations are used as a delivery spot for the first time in e-commerce history and Hepsiburada realized it. We are happy to be able to offer more convenient options to our customers and to be partners with Petrol Ofisi Corporation.’’

Beril Alakoc, the Marketing Communication Manager of Petrol Ofisi Corporation emphasized that Petrol Ofisi stations are service spots meeting the customer demand. Alakoc said:

‘’We have the largest gas station network in Turkish fuel oil sector; we have nearly 1800 stations. Our stations not only serve fuel oil but also shopping opportunities, money transfers and many services for 24/7. We place importance on projects improving customer experience; we make cooperations for customer experience development. We added a new service to our stations with our Hepsiburada cooperation. We are happy to have the first gas stations operating as a delivery spot in Turkey.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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