PTT offers POS services at no additional cost

PTT Smart Tradesmen Project, which provides POS services to all individual vendors, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to access e-commerce on a single platform without any additional charge, is being implemented.

The project will also be beneficial for those who work at market and booth sales and deliver at the door, who want to receive contactless payment, and who want to collect from their mobile phones or tablets without carrying additional devices. PTT Smart Tradesmen Project offers easy, fast and secure payment opportunities to customers without contact.

PTT Inc. General Manager Hakan Gulten told Anadolu Agency (AA) that thanks to the project, customers will have a new payment instrument and the additional cost burden on them will be alleviated. Gulten spoke as follows:

“We are heralding an important support by which our tradesmen, craftsmen, SMEs and all our entrepreneurs will grow their businesses and reduce their costs. With our PTT Smart Tradesmen Project, we will make a great contribution to Turkey’s economy and trade. With this new project it has developed, our company has once again demonstrated that it stands by the tradesmen, craftsmen, SMEs and all our entrepreneurs, which we consider as the cornerstone of our economy.”

Stating that housewives, young people and all other entrepreneurs who do not have a physical workplace have the opportunity to make sales and collections with the convenience of PTT, Gulten said, “PTT Smart Tradesmen Project, which enables the development and expansion of trade by paving the way for individual sellers, contributes to the welfare of our people.”

Advantage Packages

With the PTT Smart Tradesmen Commissioner Free Package, customers are provided with no interruption, zero commission connection payment up to a certain turnover, virtual POS and new generation smart POS device and deviceless solutions, free account, card, bill payment and EFT services by paying a monthly fixed fee. Businesses with high pos turnover will be able to use the same services at competitive rates and without paying any fee such as per transaction fee, integration fee.

Those who want to become PTT Smart Tradesmen members will be able to complete their applications at or from PTT workplaces, and start selling with software, integration, and costs.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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