President Erdogan: Turkey will be at the forefront of the train in the new global order

President Erdogan, who attended the MUSIAD General Assembly, said that Turkey will not lag behind as in the industrial revolution and will be at the forefront of the train in the new global order.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will not be left behind as in the industrial revolution and will be at the forefront of the train in the new global order. “Despite all the sabotage we have been subjected to, we are approaching our 2023 goals step by step. We have a testament to leave to our youth right now; we are entering a period where we will gradually shape our 2053 vision,” Erdogan said.


Speaking at the 26th General Assembly of the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD), President Erdogan reminded that Turkey has been fighting for its homeland for 1,000 years in its geography and therefore missed the industrial revolution. “Those who almost made us suffer, deliberately kept us out of this process. We set a new direction for ourselves by ending our War of Independence with victory and establishing our Republic. But we were not left alone in this period either. While the world was going through the era of information and technology, we were concentrating all our energy and time on internal conflicts and fights. That’s why we missed the big leap. The world is on the threshold of a new era. Global and economic power balances are cracking, this cracking is also the footsteps of the new global political and economic management system to be established. Turkey will not miss the train this time. And it will take the place it deserves at the front.”


Stating that he is focused on building the future of Turkey, Erdogan said: “Turkey’s 81 provinces, 84 million citizens, with their brothers and sisters under their wing, and friends with history and culture, are locked in their goals. There are those who are trying to reverse this picture and to resurrect the old Turkey discussions on their agenda, but thankfully they have not succeeded so far. Hopefully, after today, we will not allow ourselves to deviate from the path of a great and powerful Turkey. Our nation, especially since 2013, has never stopped supporting us, as it sees this truth behind every scenario, every game played, and every trap set in front of it. Our nation, which gives strength to the stance against the tutelage, has always stood by us in our fight against the tormentors of chaos, the terrorist organization and the putschists.” Reminding that Turkey has an undisputed say in every issue in the region today, Erdogan said, “It is possible to see the effects of this position everywhere from Syria to Libya, from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus. Turkey has a significant place and weight in all important global platforms. From the UN to the G20, our country exhibits a stance that makes its difference felt. Turkey launches its own brands in technology-based production, especially in the defense industry, and has reached a level that can be accepted by the whole world.”


Talking about the developments in the ECONOMY, Erdogan said, “Despite all the troubles we have experienced, from the coup attempt to the currency attacks, from the epidemic to disasters, we follow a rapid recovery and a leap above the past. The movement in growth, employment, exports and investments is evident. The production increase is in the middle, the figures of each one are in the middle. You know the answers best.” Stating that everyone’s houses will be handed over in a year in case of floods, President Erdogan said, “Look at the state of Europe and the USA. The misery is knee-deep in there. This nation has not fallen into such a position. We lived in Van, Bingol. We brought these places back to their feet. We continue on our way. The responsibility on us is great. Likewise in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Libya, Syria, Iraq. For this, we say 2023 is important. If we get through this process without harming our unity and brotherhood, a completely different era will open before us.”


Describing an anecdote he had in the past during his visit to Bush, Erdogan said, “I asked Bush, ‘Why don’t you give us UAVs?’ He called Rice and asked, ‘Why didn’t you give UAVs to Turkey?’ He said, ‘Let’s give the order right away, let’s send a UAV’. But there was a case of giving the UAV to us for only 2 days at that time and taking it back again. He was setting the coordinates. Then they gave UAV in this way. But what happened, they made us host. We have become producing UAVs and SIHAs. Now, by taking the work forward, we have come to manufacture the top segment of the armed unmanned aerial vehicle called AKINCI, which has a very different success and is among the top 3 in the world. Baykar is currently unable to grow. Turkey has started to make their own ammunition. It has moved Turkey’s position in the world in the defense industry to a different position. Despite all the sabotage we have been subjected to, we are approaching our 2023 targets step by step. If we have covered a very, very important distance in the fight against terrorism at the Bestler Creek in Gabar today, it is with them. Without these opportunities, could we achieve this success in the fight against terrorism? No. If you can easily walk around the streets of Diyarbakir, that’s why. It’s like this in Cudi, it’s like that in Gabar. The next process will be more peaceful and different. The youth I saw at Akinci’s delivery ceremony impressed me a lot. 3,500 young people were the owners of this work there. They worked day and night without saying, they made an effort, they produced the works. They are still working. We will lead this race. No one will have the power to turn Turkey away from this path, to deflect it, or to bring it to the brink of political, social and economic cliffs. We will always go further and we will definitely reach our goals.”


Mahmut Asmali became the new president at the 26th Ordinary General Assembly of MUSIAD. Taking over the task from Abdurrahman Kaan, Asmali said in his speech at the general assembly, “Praise be to Turkey, with the rational investments and great transformation it has made in the field of health in the last 20 years, it has become one of the countries that best managed the Covid-19 epidemic in the world. Turkey has managed to limit the impact of the epidemic on the economy at a time when even developed economies are experiencing great difficulties. It achieved record increases in exports and investments, especially in economic growth. We sincerely believe that Turkey will make a great leap forward in the coming period, thanks to our geographical location, our strong infrastructure in the logistics and manufacturing industry, and our qualified workforce, as well as the successful process in the field of health.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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