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Premier Turkish Aerospace and Tech show Teknofest to hosted in Gaziantep

Event to feature host of activities, including air shows, seminars and summits, competitions and fairs

Turkey’s biggest aerospace and technology festival, Teknofest, is set to kick off in the southeastern province of Gaziantep on Sept. 24.

The four-day event was scheduled for April, but was postponed due to the pandemic.

The annual event will include a host of activities, such as air shows with warplanes and helicopters, seminars and summits, and competitions and fairs.

This year’s third edition of the festival will feature technology competitions in nearly two dozen different categories, including biotechnology innovation, agriculture, the environment and energy, transportation, education, helicopter design, and jet engine design.

As an incentive for competitions,Teknofest will grant awards worth over 3 million Turkish lira (over $400,000).

Organized by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3), Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival aims to showcase Turkey’s latest technological innovations and to promote technology advances as a national cause.

Last year, the second edition of the festival was organized in Istanbul Ataturk Airport and visited by over 1.7 million people.

Teknofest is held in various Turkish cities in even years and in odd years, in the metropolis of Istanbul.

Anadolu Agency has been the global communication partner of the event since 2018, including this year.

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