inventiv: Payment systems are digitalized, turns smartphones into POS devices

Zafer Safak Tokcanli, CEO of inventiv, said, “We aim to lead the digitalization of SMEs by expanding digital and mobile payment systems in Turkey.”

inventiv, which develops financial technology solutions, Posvent, which turns smartphones into POS devices, and Walvent, the digital wallet application, aim to digitalize all institutions that need a closed-circuit payment system.

According to the statement made by inventiv, the company digitizes the payment processes of companies with the closed-circuit payment systems infrastructure it has developed. Innovative payment solutions developed by inventiv with more than 50 engineers establish a modular payment system that differentiates according to the needs of institutions.

Posvent, a mobile application developed for member businesses, turns smartphones into POS devices. Thanks to Posvent, institutions manage their financial processes on a single platform, while member businesses receive their payments through a mobile application; It can perform all transactions such as invoicing, end of day receipt, slip sending, payment cancellation within seconds.

Posvent, which also allows retrospective examination, saves the costs of these devices since there is no need to use physical POS devices.

Walvent, the digital wallet application, which is among inventiv’s modular payment solutions, is a payment system that turns smartphones into wallets. With Walvent, which institutions can integrate into their systems in just 2 days, users can perform all transactions such as spending, accumulating money and points, and loading from credit and debit cards in the relevant institution’s member merchant network.

Offering its customers Parantez, the loyalty infrastructure that allows brands to set up campaigns according to consumer behavior, inventiv offers institutions a calculation tool that creates gains according to user behaviors and actions and feeds systems that contain the created gain.

‘We direct the transformation with our new generation payment solutions’

Zafer Safak Tokcanli, inventiv CEO, who took part in the statement, stated that they aim to lead the digitalization of SMEs by popularizing digital and mobile payment systems in Turkey.

Reminding that they are in a period where the use of cash is gradually abandoned, online shopping and mobile device usage is increasing day by day, Tokcanli said:

“As inventiv, we steer this transformation of the payment systems world with our new generation payment solutions. We offer a modular payment system to institutions that need a closed-circuit payment system or have deficiencies in their existing systems, or to member business networks. We also improve the customer experience with our systems that offer control capability, savings, and digitalization to organizations. Our goal is to digitize all closed-circuit payment systems in the sectors we target, especially the accommodation, food and beverage, shopping mall, and transportation sectors.”

Tokcanli stated that inventiv carries out cybersecurity audits against possible attacks that threaten the system and business processes of organizations that collect and process information in digital environments, and shares its penetration tests with comprehensive results reports, protecting companies from data and reputational loss risks.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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